71 Employees of “Daruma Sushi” are entitled to receive 50% social security payments.

(21 June 2022) Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor Reveal the progress of helping shop employees. “Daruma Sushi” that was terminated As soon as I heard the news Hastened to order agencies under the Ministry of Labor to investigate and urgently help immediately. which from the examination found that the shop “Daruma Sushi” registered in […]

Social Security “M.33-M.39” has the right to have a free physical examination at participating hospitals. There is a list of Czechs!

check conditions Social Security “M.33-M.39” free health checkwith participating hospitals What items are there? The insured under section 33 and section 39 health checkAll hospitals participating in the program are free of charge. The details are as follows. general physical examination Hearing screening Finger Rub Test aged 15 years and over, checked once a year […]