A male actor’s surprise confession that he actually loved Freesia exploded

A male actor surprisedly confessed that he actually loved YouTuber Freesia (Jia Song). As soon as this news was delivered, the comment window went into an uproar. Freesia / Hereafter Freesia Instagram freesia freesia On the 21st, a post titled ‘Solo Hell Performer Who Said He Loved Freesia’ was uploaded to the community Thekuo and […]

South Korean Internet celebrity Song Ji-ah was accused of wearing fake designer clothes

2022-01-17 14:37 Source: Sohu Entertainment Original title: Korean Internet celebrity Song Zhiya was accused of wearing fake designer clothes Song Ji Ah Sohu Entertainment News Recently, South Korean Internet celebrity Song Ji-ah was revealed to be wearing fake goods, and her agency said it would respond as soon as possible. Recently, some netizens broke the […]

“My feelings come first”… ‘Solo Hell’ Cha Hyun-seung, friendship with Kim Hyun-joong → Expressing affection for Song Ji-ah – Reporter Seo-rin Oh

‘Solo Hell’ Cha Hyun-seung actively showed his affection for Song Ji-ah. On the 7th, on the Netflix Korea official YouTube channel, a pre-release video of ‘Solo Hell’ showed Cha Hyun-seung and Song Ji-ah having a conversation in Heaven. In the released video, Kim Hyun-joong said, “I went to heaven with Hyun-seung and Jia, and I […]

Park Yeon-soo’s daughter, Song Ji-ah, is dreaming of golf… “Weekend rounds”

(Export News Reporter Choi Hee-jae) Park Yeon-soo told the current situation of her daughter Song Ji-ah. On the 21st, Park Yeon-soo posted a video on her Instagram with the words “weekend rounding”. In the released video, Song Ji-ah, who is passionate about golf practice even on weekends, is contained. Song Ji-ah, who is tall, caught […]