Chinese State Media Criticizes Japanese Prime Minister’s Visit to the Philippines and Malaysia as Increasing tensions in the South China Sea

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s recent visits to the Philippines and Malaysia in order to discuss security cooperation have drawn criticism from Chinese state media, which accused the visits of escalating tensions in the South China Sea. The state-run Global Times, affiliated with the People’s Daily, cited expert analysis claiming that Kishida’s agenda in these […]

Chinese fighter jet apparently fired in front of Canadian helicopter

There are repeated incidents between the Chinese and Canadian military in the South China Sea. Now there was an incident. A Chinese fighter jet fired a decoy near a Canadian military helicopter in the South China Sea, according to a report. The incident occurred on Sunday in international waters, the US television channel CNN reported […]

India and Vietnam: Cornerstones of the US-China Strategy in Asia

China’s Strategy in Asia Focuses on India and Vietnam US President Biden Enhances Ties with Vietnam By [Author’s Name] US President Biden’s recent visit to Vietnam, following his attendance at the G20 meeting in India, signifies the importance of both countries in the United States’ strategy against China in Asia. During his trip, President Biden […]

President Joe Biden to Boost US Influence in Vietnam Amidst Historic Visit

President Biden to Enhance US Influence in Vietnam By [Author Name], [Newspaper Name] Following the conclusion of the G20 summit, President Joe Biden will embark on a swift journey to Vietnam on Sunday (September 10), with the crucial mission of bolstering the influence of the United States. This historic visit will mark President Biden as […]

The Ten-Dash Line: China’s Aggressive Expansionism Sparks International Protests

China’s New Map Raises Tensions in South China Sea Disputes [Insert Date] – A new map released by China’s Ministry of Natural Resources has added fuel to the ongoing territorial disputes in the South China Sea. The map, known as the 2023 Standard Map, includes a new “ten-dash line” that encircles Taiwan, expanding on the […]

China’s worst nightmare comes true

With its aggressive foreign policy, China has increasingly isolated itself in its neighborhood. The US used this to expand its alliances in Xi Jinping’s backyard. Does this US strategy fuel a major war? The world is changing. On the one hand, Vladimir Putin has thrown the global order into chaos with his war in Ukraine, […]

The Increasing Presence of Chinese Fishing Vessels Threatens Security in South China Sea

Increasing Number of Chinese Fishing Vessels Threaten Security of Oil-Rich Reed Bank, Says Philippine Military Manila, Philippines – The Philippine military has expressed grave concerns over the alarming surge in the presence of Chinese fishing vessels in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. In particular, the security of the oil and gas-rich Reed […]

ASEAN’s First Joint Maritime Military Exercise Relocated Outside of South China Sea

ASEAN’s first joint maritime military exercise moves to new location, avoiding South China Sea The location of the ASEAN’s inaugural joint maritime military exercise, organized by Indonesia, has been relocated away from the South China Sea. According to a report by Reuters on June 22nd, the Indonesian military spokesman, Julius Viciociano, announced that the exercise, […]