China releases new ‘Mars’ photos for 2022

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has released a new set of photos of Mars. Recorded by Tianwen-1, China’s Mars exploration spacecraft. Welcome the first day of 2022. This new set of photographs shows the various operating conditions of the Tianwen-1 orbiter and surface probe. as well as the topography of the Martian surface with […]

Umtiti refuses to go to New Cabasa with €20 million

Original title: Umtiti refused to go to New Cabasa with 20 million euros or feared to terminate the contract in a rage The reason Barcelona missed the renewal of Messi is because of lack of salary space, which is the biggest problem that has plagued Barcelona this season. Aguero’s retirement will allow Barcelona to have […]

The teacher flew in space and walked and took the class, the students on earth! Amazing Chinese School | China | Space | Tiangong space station | Science News | Malayalam Technology News

The first science class from China’s own space station stunned students on Earth. Crew members of China’s space station Zhai Sigong, Wang Yaping and Yeh Guangfu streamed their first science class live from the country’s space station on Thursday afternoon. This amazed many students on earth. 45 minute class Classes began at 3.40pm local time […]

NASA mission to save the world. Launch spacecraft crash into asteroid l TNN World Today

NASA launches space X rocket propellant to change the trajectory of the asteroid not to hit the world Update news, highlights and interesting analysis. Become friends in Line with TNN World Click Follow TNN World through various channels at Website : Youtube : TikTok : Channel to follow the news station […]