Nikkei Stock Average Rebounds to Close at 33,486.89 Yen

November 30th Market Recap On November 30th, the Tokyo stock market saw the Nikkei Stock Average rebound to close at 33,486.89 yen, marking an increase of 165.67 yen from the previous trading day. This rebound was driven by the resilience of technology stocks amidst a backdrop of falling US interest rates. The Nikkei 225 average […]

Tokyo Stock Market Opens with Continued Decline, Nikkei Falls 171.15 Yen

Stock Market Decline in Tokyo Continues Nikkei Stock Average Opens with Continued Decline TOKYO, November 22 – The Nikkei Stock Average on the Tokyo stock market opened with continued decline, falling 171.15 yen from the previous business day to 33,182.99 yen. The decline comes following a downtrend in US stocks, with selling in the main, […]

ESPRIT Study: Lower Target Blood Pressure Benefits Asian Hypertensive Patients

**New Study Shows Significant Benefits of Lowering Blood Pressure in High-Risk Patients** *By Sun-hye Park, Medical Observer* A recent study conducted in China has concluded that lowering the target blood pressure in high-risk patients to less than 120 mmHg can lead to a significantly better cardiovascular prognosis. The ESPRIT study, presented at the Annual Meeting […]

Tokyo Stock Market Nikkei Average Surges by 823.77 Yen

Nikkei Average Hits Record High in Tokyo Stock Market On November 15th, the Nikkei average in the Tokyo stock market rose significantly by 823.77 yen from the previous business day to 33,519.70 yen, increasing for the third day in a row. Photo taken at TSE in February 2018 (2023 Reuters / Toru Hanai) Positive Trends […]

Berkshire Hathaway Sells Shares in General Motors, Procter & Gamble, and Amazon

Berkshire Hathaway Sells Off Major Stock Holdings and Increases Cash Holdings to Record $157.2 Billion On October 14th, Berkshire Hathaway, an investment company led by renowned American investor Warren Buffett, made significant moves in its stock portfolio. The company announced that it has sold all its shares in General Motors (GM) and Procter & Gamble […]

Tokyo Stock Market Rebounds to 32,750.41 Yen, But Profitable Selling Near 33,000 Yen

Stock Market Rebounds in Tokyo as Nikkei Average Hits 32,750.41 Yen By: Professional Journalist The Tokyo stock market saw a rebound as the Nikkei Stock Average rose to 32,750.41 yen, marking an increase of 182.30 yen from the previous trading day. Reflecting a trend seen in the US stock market over the weekend, stocks contributing […]

Tokyo Stock Market Closes Down Amid US Monetary Tightening Concerns

Nikkei Stock Average Closes Lower Amid US Monetary Tightening Concerns November 10, Tokyo – On November 10th, the Nikkei Stock Average closed at 32,568.11 yen, marking a decrease of 78.35 yen from the previous trading day. This decline came amidst concerns about a prolonged period of US monetary tightening, which also contributed to the downward […]

The Future of Autonomous Driving: Leveraging Large Multimodal Language Models (LLM)

Startup Ghost Autonomy Sees Potential for LMM in Autonomous Driving There is growing anticipation that language models like LLM and LMM will have applications beyond text generation, particularly in the realm of autonomous driving. Ghost Autonomy, a pioneering startup in the autonomous driving software sector, has emerged as a key player in exploring the integration […]

Tokyo Stock Market Sees Decline as Nikkei Stock Average Falls to 32,491.24 Yen

Tokyo Stock Market Sees Decline in Nikkei Stock Average By Professional Journalist The Tokyo stock market experienced a decline in the Nikkei Stock Average on November 10th, with a decrease of 155.22 yen to 32,491.24 yen compared to the previous business day. This trend follows a similar pattern to the US market, where all three […]