Court ends Ssangyong Motor rehabilitation process

[사진제공:연합뉴스] Ssangyong Motor, whose owner changed to KG Group, graduated from court receivership in one year and six months after starting the corporate rehabilitation process. The 1st Rehabilitation Division of the Seoul Rehabilitation Court announced today that “most of the rehabilitation security rights and rehabilitation bonds worth about 351.7 billion won, which are subject to […]

in[종합] 5 domestic automakers to overcome current semiconductor supply and demand shortages… Sales in August, 12.3% higher than the previous year

The sales volume of five domestic automakers (Hyundai Motors, Kia, GM Korea, Renault Korea Motors, and Ssangyong Motors) increased in August compared to the previous year. It has increased for two consecutive months following July, and the supply and demand shortage of semiconductors for automobiles, which has been the main culprit of production disruptions, has […]

Ssangyong Motor comes to life, revitalization UP… Torres M&A double wings ‘widely’

Torres begins mass production of immigration… Uninterrupted production ‘concentration’ M&A, KG compete to offer 400 billion won for Ssangdrop’s takeover Ssangyong Motor’s Torres. [사진=쌍용자동차] Ssangyong Motor is alive. Following the mass production of ‘Torres’, a mid-size sports utility vehicle (SUV) this week, the company aims to normalize its business by confirming the acquisition company. According […]

Is ‘Torres’ revitalizing Ssangyong Motor’s M&A box office box office? As early as the second half of next week, ‘new owner outline’

Ssangyong Motor’s new car ‘Torres’. (Photo=Commercial Vehicle) Ssangyong Motor’s recently introduced new car ‘Torres’ is raising interest in its M&A again. The industry and the public’s interest in the Ssangyong M&A, which had previously been somewhat lukewarm, has risen sharply since the recent Torres launch. On the 17th, an official from Ssangyong Motor said, “Consumers […]

[정리정돈] Ssangyong Motor, which has left Edison EV… Can it really find a new owner this time?

Through the economic channel Mother-in-law, ‘Tidy up’ greets you every week. Tidying up stands for ‘economic content that makes money when organized.’ Mobility-related hot issues are solved and delivered in a fun way. It is created by experts from the mobility-specialized channel M Trend and Wikitree reporters. YouTube channel ‘Mother-in-law’ Ssangyong Motor’s first electric car, […]

Court maintains contract cancellation effect between Ssangyong Motors and Edison Motors

Edison Motors issued an injunction to prevent the resale of Ssangyong Motor, which is undergoing corporate rehabilitation procedures, but the court dismissed it. According to the legal circle, the 50th Civil Agreement of the Seoul Central District Court (Chief Judge Song Kyung-geun) rejected yesterday (17th) a request for an injunction between Edison EV and Edison […]

Ssangyong Motor, selected as a prospective takeover person on the 13th …

Ssangyong Motor [자료사진] Three companies, including KG Group, SsangBul Group, and Pavilion PE, participated in the bidding for the selection of candidates for the conditional takeover of Ssangyong Motor, resulting in a ‘three-way battle’. According to the industry, Ssangyong Motor and EY Hanyoung Accounting Firm, the lead underwriter for the sale, closed the reception of […]

[단독]Ssangyong Motor M&A, preliminary takeover decision decided on the 13th

Ssangyong Motor’s preliminary takeover will be decided on the 13th. [사진=연합뉴스] According to the investment banking (IB) industry on the 6th, the submission of a letter of intent (LOI) for Ssangyong Motor, which is being sold through a stalking hose method, will close on the 11th and a preliminary acquirer will be decided on the […]