Russian Air Force Destroys Ukrainian Army’s Supply Line in Advance of Winter Battle

Russian Forces Sever Ukrainian Army’s Supply Lines in Advance of Winter Battle In a strategic move to ensure victory in the upcoming decisive winter battle, the Russian army unleashed a series of devastating air attacks on vital rail supply lines, effectively severing the logistical support that the Ukrainian army heavily relied upon. Reports from the […]

The Guangxi Railway Sets New Passenger Record: Additional Services Opened in Popular Tourist Destinations

The Guangxi Railway Sets New Passenger Record During Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holidays The “Double Festival” holidays of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day have coincided, resulting in a thriving tourism market in Guangxi. Yesterday, the passenger transportation units of the Nanning State Railway Bureau took concerted efforts to explore the transportation potential. Particularly, […]

Precise Corporation Secures 85.05 Million Baht Contract for Substation Protection and Control System Installation

Precise Corporation Wins Contract for Substation Projects Precise Corporation Public Company Limited (CSP) has recently secured a significant contract for the installation and implementation of a protection and control system across various substations. The company, led by CEO Kitti Samrit, has been granted the opportunity to undertake projects at Yothi substation and MEA hot substation, […]

The Impact of Urban Environments on Temperature: Findings from Meteorological Observations

Title: Rising Urban Temperatures Poses Health Concerns, New Study Reveals Author: Kim Do-kyun Published: August 17, 2023 Pohang, South Korea – As the scorching heatwave continues to sweep across the nation, citizens in Pohang city are facing an additional challenge – the intense heat radiating from the asphalt. With temperatures reaching a stifling 36 degrees […]

Train Derailment in Queens, New York City Injures 13 Passengers

Train Derailment in Queens, New York: 13 Injured, Investigation Underway On August 3, a distressing incident unfolded in Queens, New York City, as a train carrying over 100 passengers derailed, resulting in the injury of 13 individuals. Among the victims, two suffered severe injuries, highlighting the seriousness of the accident. The mishap occurred at approximately […]

New Express Bus Route from Daegu to Gunwi Generates Crowded and Excited Response, but Lack of Amenities at Terminal Raises Concerns

New Express Bus Route Connects Daegu and Gunwi Introduction Daegu, South Korea – The first operation of the newly-launched express bus route ‘Gunwi-gun, Daegu Metropolitan City’, connecting Daegu Buk-gu and Gunwi-gun, has drawn attention from citizens. The route, which aims to improve accessibility between the two regions, has already seen high passenger traffic and positive […]

Fukushima Fisheries Federation President Opposes Plan to Release Radioactive Water into Sea

Nuclear Plant Operator Faces Opposition Over Plan to Release Radioactive Water into Sea Tetsu Nozaki, President of Fukushima Fisheries Federation, Expresses Strong Opposition to TEPCO’s Proposal In a recent meeting with Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Tetsu Nozaki, President of the Fukushima Fisheries Federation, expressed his firm rejection […]