Uncovering the Truth: How ROBOT and HFT are Impacting the Thai Stock Market

Last Week’s Market Turmoil It was a chaotic week for both small and large stocks, as the impact of ROBOT or HFT trading reverberated throughout the market. Contradicting information from stock exchange management has added to the confusion, with data from 2022 indicating unexpected trends at the end of 2023. Uncovering the Truth Recent revelations […]

Companies on Market for Alternative Investments Show Mixed Results in 2023 Third Quarter

Rewrite text Economy/Finance24 Nov. ’23 17:27 Listed companies (Ltd.) on the Market for Alternative Investments (May) report operating results for the 9-month period of 2023 with total sales of 145,338 million baht, an increase of 1.2%, while total operating profit decreased by 9,282 million baht. Down 12.9% compared to the same period last year. This […]

JKN Global Group Public Company Limited (JKN) Successfully Addresses Liquidity Problems and Defaults: Stock Exchange and SEC Response

JKN Global Group Files for Business Rehabilitation JKN Global Group Public Company Limited (JKN) has filed for business rehabilitation in the Central Bankruptcy Court, addressing a significant liquidity problem caused by outstanding debts. The company’s Manager of the Stock Exchange confirmed that JKN has taken the necessary legal steps to resolve the issue. Statement from […]

Thai Stock Market Closes with 6 Large Lots Trading in 6 Securities

Thai Stock Market Closes with Promising Results After an eventful morning, the Thai stock market concluded trading today with notable activity in the form of six large transactions involving six different securities. These transactions shed light on the current state of the market and provide valuable insights for investors. TRP Takes the Lead with a […]

MAI Aesthetic Connect PCL debuts on Stock Exchange with successful IPO

Stock Exchange MAI welcomes Aesthetic Connect PCL in a Grand Opening Ceremony In a remarkable display of market enthusiasm, the Stock Exchange of Thailand witnessed the grand opening of the highly anticipated trading day for Aesthetic Connect PCL. This esteemed event was graced by the presence of distinguished individuals including Manpong Senanarong, Deputy Manager and […]

Window Asia Public Company Limited to Trade on the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Window Asia Public Company Limited to Trade on the Stock Exchange of Thailand Economy/Finance24 Oct. ’23 10:07 The highly reputable manufacturer and distributor, Window Asia Public Company Limited, is set to begin trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 25th. With a securities value pegged at an initial public offering (IPO) price of […]

Understanding the Conditions and Differences Between SET and MAI: A Comprehensive Look

Stock Exchange of Thailand: Understanding the Differences Between SET and MAI When considering investment opportunities, it is crucial to examine the essential conditions and details that both the SET and MAI markets provide. SET Market (Mainboard) A dependable long-term funding avenue exclusively available for prominent corporations with a minimum post-IPO paid-up capital of 300 million […]