Swinging, waiting for the FOMC result (July 27, 2022)

For example, IVL is worried about its European business being affected after natural gas prices in the US and Europe have skyrocketed, SCGP has sales pressure after its 2Q22 budget announcement, net profit has dropped 18% qoq, and MINT has dropped concerns about smallpox in Europe. stock market trend today The SET estimates that the […]

Summary of top news, e-finance Thai news agency, dated July 26, 2022

Today’s top stocks : CPALL peak approaching …plus lots of upsides!This morning (26 July 65) CPALL dropped 2.4% after just being hit by the brokerage to cut profit targets. The fear of Lotus’ recovery slower than expected. But still looking at profit, Q2/22 is bright, expected to grow 70-91%, receiving SSSG convenience stores to recover […]

Dow futures fall more than 100 points after Walmart cuts profit forecasts | RYT9

Dow futures fell more than 100 points today after Walmart cut its earnings forecast for the year. At 7:36 p.m. Thai time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 115 points or 0.36% to 31,851 points. Walmart, Inc.’s share price is down more than 8% in pre-season trading on Wall Street today. After the company cut […]

Thai Credit Bank moves forward with the “Tang To Know-how” project, a good mood finance course fight inflation Strengthen small businesses

Thai Credit Bank Advancing financial literacy to enhance the quality of life and business quality for small operators Through the Tungto Know-how program, financial literacy courses That helps you know how to “find money, collect money, expand money” under the concept “Financial Edutainment” makes money fun, easy to understand, and practical. by providing financial knowledge […]

OR organizes Inclusive Growth Days empowered by OR

  OR hosts Inclusive Growth Days empowered by OR, inviting top corporate executives to share their views on the future of seamless mobility. Raises the issue of electric vehicles and the next step in the transition to clean energy. reinforcing the vision “Fill the opportunity for all growth together” or “Empowering All toward Inclusive Growth”, an […]

SET accepts securities DR “CN01” and “CNTECH01” start trading 26

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) accepts foreign securities options DR “CN01” referenced ChinaAMC CSI 300 ETF invests in large A-shares in the Chinese stock market and DR “CNTECH01” references ChinaAMC fund. Hang Seng TECH ETF that invests in large technology stocks on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, issued by Bualuang Securities, ready to be […]