Seven Magnificent Companies: The Core of Portfolio Investment

**The Rise of the Magnificent Seven: A Market Overview** *By Tomio Sugimura, Economic Commentator* *November 24, 2023* **The Power Players** In the American market, tech giants Apple and Microsoft continue to dominate with their combined market capitalization of 855.9 trillion yen, surpassing the total market capitalization of the TSE Main Market. International funds are flocking […]

Analyzing the Rebound of Mid- and Small-Cap Stocks: Will it Gain Momentum?

Rakan RiceRCA Representative Director and Chairman Tomokazu Murase Comments on the Market In a recent statement, Rakan RiceRCA Representative Director and Chairman Tomokazu Murase discussed the potential for a stronger rebound in lagging mid- and small-cap stocks. Nikkei Average Hits Post-Bubble High The Nikkei Stock Average reached a post-bubble burst high of 33,853 yen on […]

Nikkei Stock Average and US Market Analysis by Stock Commentator Takaya Tomita

Stock commentator Takaya Tomita The Nikkei Stock Average Approaches Post-Bubble High On November 16th, the Nikkei Stock Average rose to 33,614 yen, nearing the post-bubble burst high of 33,772 yen set in June. This marks the third time the price has approached the “33-year high,” following peaks of 33,488 yen in August and 33,634 yen […]

The Biggest Concern of the Tokyo Market: An Analysis by Yasuo Ueki

Analysis of the Tokyo Market’s Current Concerns By Stock Commentator Yasuo Ueki There is a prevailing question in the Tokyo market – has it truly hit its low point, or is this just a bear market rally? Since early November, the Nikkei Stock Average has seen a significant rebound, leading to a shift in the […]

Market Analysis: NY Dow and Nikkei 225 Futures Trends and Insights

This week’s Nikkei 225 futures are expected to focus on reaching the near-term target of the 33,000 yen turning point and the September high. In the US market last week, long-term interest rates trended lower, and US employment statistics for October were lower than expected, leading to expectations that interest rates will continue to rise […]

Market Turmoil and GARP Strategy: Time to Stock Up on Blue Chip Stocks

Economic Commentator Advises Investors to Utilize GARP Tactics and Invest in Blue Chip Stocks September and October Effect Impacting Market In the midst of ongoing difficult market developments, economic commentator Tomio Sugimura has highlighted the significance of utilizing GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Price) tactics during this time. Sugimura recommends investors to stock up on […]

Overcoming Adversity: Navigating the Volatile Stock Market and Corporate Challenges

Economic Analyst Stresses the Importance of Overcoming Challenges in Stock Investing In a recent analysis, renowned economic commentator Tomio Sugimura highlighted the unpredictable nature of life and stock investing, emphasizing that success can only be achieved by overcoming adversity and trials. While acknowledging the current turbulence in the market, Sugimura compared it to the ups […]