The United Auto Workers Union Plans to Lower Proposed Wage Increases for US Automakers

UAW Plans to Lower Proposed Wage Increases for US Automakers The United Auto Workers (UAW) union intends to reduce its proposed wage increases for major US automakers from about 40% to at least 30%, according to Bloomberg’s sources familiar with the matter. Alongside general salary increases, the UAW will also consider cost of living adjustments […]

China Evergrande Group Suspends Trading as Restructuring Continues

Trading in shares of China Evergrande Group, a major real estate company undergoing restructuring, was suspended on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on September 28th. This move comes as China Evergrande Group Chairman Xu Jiayin is under police surveillance, according to Bloomberg News. In addition, plug-in electric vehicle maker Evergrande New Energy Automobile Group and […]

Tokyo Stock Market Plunges as Nikkei Average Falls Below 32,000 Yen

Nikkei Average Falls Sharply on Tokyo Stock Market September 28th, Tokyo – The Nikkei Stock Average on the Tokyo stock market experienced a significant decline, dropping to 31,813.01 yen, a decrease of 558.89 yen from the previous trading day. This fall below the psychological threshold of 32,000 yen was primarily driven by the continuous increase […]

Nikkei Stock Average Continues to Fall Amid Global Concerns

In Tokyo, Nikkei Stock Average Continues to Fall Concerns over High Interest Rates Lead to Market Decline On the morning of September 27th, the Nikkei Stock Average experienced a continuous decline on the Tokyo stock market, with a drop of 151.34 yen from the previous business day, bringing the average down to 32,163.71 yen. The […]

Dollar Index Rises to 10-Month High, Yen Nears Intervention Line

Dollar Index Climbs to 10-Month High, Yen Nears Intervention Level The dollar index reached its highest level in ten months, while the yen continued to depreciate, approaching the intervention level of 150 yen to the dollar. The dollar index against six major currencies rose by 0.26% to 106.21, the highest since November 30 of the […]

The US Stock Market Plummets as Government Bond Yields Hit Record Highs

US Stock Market Plunges as Bond Yields Remain High The US stock market experienced a sudden and sharp decline, as the three major indexes closed more than 1% lower. This drop was driven by investors’ frustration with the continuously high yield on 10-year government bonds, a level not seen in about 16 years. In addition, […]

US Stock Market Rises on Energy Stocks and Amazon’s AI Investment

The US stock market closed higher, driven by increased purchases of energy stocks, including A recent development in which (AMZN.O) invested in a startup specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) also contributed to the market’s rise. Investors are closely monitoring official statements and economic indicators scheduled for this week as they seek insight into […]

Nikkei Stock Average Rebounds on Tokyo Stock Market, Anticipating Self-Sustaining Rebound

The Nikkei Stock Average experienced a resurgence on the Tokyo stock market, reaching 32,590.33 yen, representing a 187.92 yen increase from the previous business day. This rise comes after Japan-US central bank meetings concluded without any major disruptions, leading investors to anticipate a sustainable rebound. The increase in stock prices gradually widened throughout the day, […]

China Evergrande Group Stock Plunges as Authorities Investigate Subsidiary, Endangering Bond Issuance Qualifications

On September 25, the stock price of China Evergrande Group, a major Chinese real estate company currently undergoing restructuring in the Hong Kong market, experienced a significant decline of nearly 24%. Investors were left disappointed and concerned following the announcement made the day before, stating that authorities are conducting an investigation into Evergrande Land Group, […]