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Original title: Look at the opponent! South Sudan’s loss to Brazil’s Briel scored 17 points and 9 rebounds

According to the news on August 14, in the warm-up game, South Sudan lost to the Brazilian men’s basketball team 75-85.

South Sudan is China’s opponent in the Men’s Basketball World Cup and this is the first time they have played openly after their formation. In this World Cup, South Sudan is in Group B with China, Serbia and Puerto Rico.

In the entire game, the South Sudan men’s basketball team made 23 of 43 two-pointers, 4 of 28 three-pointers, and 17 of 25 free throws. In terms of rebounds, he had 13 offensive rebounds and 26 back court rebounds.

In addition, the South Sudan men’s basketball team posted 15 assists, 9 steals, 11 turnovers and 18 fouls.

After the game, the media person @球环赵攻长 wrote on Weibo: “The South Sudan men’s basketball team was reversed by Brazil at the end of the last quarter 75-85. After watching a few impressive points of the game.

“1. The body is indeed their biggest advantage. They are black and tough like Spiderman. This is one of their talents. In the first half, they had an advantage in the competition with Brazil;

“2. Gabriel has 17 points and 9 rebounds, Jones has 12 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists, and Nuni Omot has 14 points. These three have strong offensive ability, but apart from them, none scored of South Sudanese players more than 8 points.

“3. Shooting is their biggest flaw. Judging from this game, they made 4 of 28 three-pointers and only 14% of their field goals. They made 17 of 25 free throws and their shooting percentage was less than 70%. Most of South Sudan’s points came from the basket and free throws;

“4. The short training time made these players not very familiar with it, but South Sudan did not make many mistakes. It was 7 times less than Brazil in the whole game.

“However, this is only the first game of South Sudan’s official appearance, and there will be many warm-up games. They still have more than ten days to get used to them and adapt. On the latest team strength list of the Cup FIBA World​​​​, Brazil It is 13th, South Sudan is 25th, and China is 19. Indeed, South Sudan’s position should be higher than this. It is definitely not easy for us to play against South Sudan , but it’s not impossible to win.” Return to Sohu, see much more


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South Sudan Falls to Brazil in Warm-up Game Ahead of Men’s Basketball World Cup August 14 – In a recent warm-up match, the South Sudan men’s basketball team suffered a defeat at the hands of the Brazilian team, with a final score of 75-85. South Sudan will be China’s opponent in the upcoming Men’s Basketball […]

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