70% of electricity fund said to help the vulnerable, ‘2 trillion’ spent on renewables

A view of the solar power plant. /Reporter Kim Young-geun They found that around 70% of the power industry’s infrastructure fund (electricity fund), which is allocated to 3.7% of electricity bills, was invested in renewable energy support and research and development (research and development). Initially, the Electric Power Fund was intended to protect the socially […]

US solar power growing in IRA, Hanwha Solutions Kim Dong-kwan new renewable energy cultivation pace

[비즈니스포스트] Kim Dong-kwan, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hanwha Solutions Strategy Division, is focusing his efforts on targeting the rapidly growing US solar power market through the large-scale integrated solar power generation complex ‘Solar Hub’. Vice Chairman Kim is expected to accelerate the performance improvement of Hanwha Solutions by further expanding the scale of tax […]

Discovery of an enzyme that converts air into electricity: Dong-A Science

Mona Australia period Courtesy of Getty Images Bank A new enzyme has been discovered that converts air into electricity. It was confirmed that, using this enzyme, an electric current can be created with very little air. Attention is focused on whether it can be developed into an environmentally friendly technology that ensures electrical energy in […]

“Are you interested in bad comments? Us too…!!” Yoo Jae-seok nodded to Professor Min Byeong-cheol, who is active as a ‘Sunple activist’, and his voice was very firm.

Send SNS articles Submit an article to Facebook Send an article to Twitter Submit an article to Kakao Story Submit articles to KakaoTalk Copy URL Send article to Find another share Yoo Jae-seok took a firm stand on malicious comments. ⓒtvN ‘You on the Block’ Broadcaster Yoo Jae-seok expressed a very firm stance on the […]

Waste solar panels, recycling/reuse rate raised to ‘over 80%’ – Policy News | news

The government has decided to raise the recycling and reuse rate of solar energy waste panels to ‘more than 80%’, the level of the European Union (EU) within three years. On the 5th, the government discussed and confirmed the ‘solar energy waste panel management reinforcement plan’ at the 14th ministerial meeting presided over by Prime […]