Appreciation | “Too Hot Quadrant” tour in Chengdu, singing for two consecutive days, Wang Yitai Ai Reappears rap charm_Concert_Song_Music

Original Title: Appreciation| Chengdu “Too Hot Quadrant” Tour Singing Consecutively for Two Days Xu Yuyang news reporter cover “Although we all know that time teaches people to be strong, drive slowly while carrying time, let my love be brave and not be afraid of getting old…” After broadcast” China Rap Showdown”, this song Co-written by […]

Excitement running rampant, Balayya fans set the screen on fire; Video

The release day of Superstar movies is also a celebration for the fans. But these fan celebrations often go too far. A video of such a theater-breaking celebration is now trending on social media. During the screening of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s new film ‘Veera Simha Reddy’, fans set the screen on fire. The incident took place […]

Varaha Roopam | ‘Varaharupam’ writer Shashiraj Kavoor says ‘This is the victory of justice’

‘Varahararupam’ lyricist Shashiraj Kavoor reacted to the Kozhikode District Court returning the petition filed by Thaikudam Bridge alleging copyright infringement for the song “Varahararupam” from the film Kantara Kantara as “no jurisdiction”. “The Hon’ble Kerala High Court directed the ‘Kanthara’ team to seek relief from the lower court (original jurisdiction). Today, the lower court, after […]

Varaha Roopam | Kozhikode District Court dismisses Varaharupam’s petition for Thaikudam Bridge ‘not within jurisdiction’ – News18 Malayalam

The Kozhikode District Court returned the petition filed by Thaikudam Bridge against the makers of the Kannada film ‘Kantara’, alleging copyright infringement in the name of the song ‘Varahararupam’, saying it had no jurisdiction. An application filed by Hombale Films, the film’s producer, under Order 7 Rule 10 of the Code of Civil Procedure for […]

Brazilian team members start running Brazil’s teammates started running

Pavaratti: The fan brought all the members of the Brazilian football team inside the car. Naushad alias Nachuka, an auto worker from Toyakao, who admires the Brazilian team, put a picture of all the Brazilian players on his car. It took about a week to design and apply the sticker. Not only this, the small […]

Argentina Wealth of this house | Argentina fans – photo gallery

Kannur: On the left is a large photo of the legendary Diego Maradona with a halo around his head. Then, the current team, led by Lionel Messi, will be seen marching towards the World Cup with the fans. In the right corner, there is the slogan ‘Long Live Football, Long Live Humanity and Vamos Argentina’. […]

Urgent Notice | Art Theater Schedule Adaptation Movie Archives_Proceeding_Part_Fans

Original Title: Urgent Notice | Art Theater Adaptations Film Archives According to the latest epidemic prevention requirements, China Film Archive Art Theater will adjust some screenings. There are a total of 22 performances involved, and supporter tickets will be refunded within 7 working days, rest assured. in,XiaoxitianTickets need to be refunded first for some events […]