“Chang” visits “Chang Football Community” Mae Mok FC, Surat Thani Province

For more than 20 years, “Chang Brand Drinks” has supported the Thai football industry through a systematic development at all levels. It aims to build a foundation and develop football skills for young people. Therefore, a project to teach soccer skills was started during the weekends. at the ThaiBev Football Academy, Bangkok, which has been […]

“Big Joke” flew quickly following a human trafficking case, hunting another suspect

At 3:30 p.m. today (11 May 65 at the Surat Thani Provincial Police Headquarters Police Lieutenant General Surachet Hakpal, Assistant Commissioner of the National Police have traveled to attend meetings to follow up with the working group, the Human Trafficking Investigation Unit The parents of nine victims were invited to meet and understand what happened. […]

Detention – objection to bail “Fat” to buy child services Surat Thani Province

The police oppose the bail of “Mr. Fat”, the son of a former politician. Suspects buy services for girls in Surat Thani province. taken to detention at Surat Thani Prison, while the M.D. has set up a Disciplinary Examination Committee, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. including children’s shelter staff In […]

Worrying! “Phuket – Surat Thani” high proportion of coviral pneumonia cases

Today (March 8, 2022) Center for Epidemic Management of Infectious Diseasescorona virus 2019 (Covid-19) or Prof. reportCovid-19 situation daily that found18,943 new infections Divided into 18,843 new domestic cases, 66 foreign cases and 34 prison cases, bringing the total to a new wave of confirmed cases. Since Jan. 2022, 843,365 people 69 additional deaths causing […]