The United Nations Water Conference answers the question of sustainable water management

Key point Raise awareness about the global water crisis. 5 themes that support SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework Water security is a national security issue. natural resource crisis including water and food reports on how to change the game inCreating value and managing water for benefitOverall, our global water system is in crisis. Although safe […]

Drop yourself anywhere! The BeanBag set is the answer to the tired life.

Because there is no end to laziness.Lazy Economy” Economies driven by laziness continue to thrive. Whatever product or service, if we can solve our pain point, our laziness can sell very well or an amazing trend The most old-fashioned ideas will catch the eye of lazy people, so they keep coming out. Recently, an upholstery […]

“Disahat” Moves SDG, OR Edition, Sustainable Incremental Business Strategy

by PTT restructured the business with the transfer of oil and retail businesses Including shares of affiliates of PTT Oil Business Unit to OR on July 1, 2018, and later OR was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on February 11, 2021. Disatat Panyarachun Chief Executive Officer PTT Oil Business and Retail Public Company […]

Bualuang Asset Management is pushing the IR-REIT division, hoping to push AUM to reach 1 trillion

Mr. Peerapong Jirasevijinda CEO Bualuang Asset Management Co., Ltd. (BBLAM) reveals that for this year’s business direction, the target for assets under management (AUM) continues to grow, expecting AUM to touch 1 trillion baht.Infrastructure Fund (Infrastructure Fund) aConcrete Increase the size of existing assets and prepare to issue new ones. Including bond funds which this […]

Food festival “Singha Food Festival” on a sustainable theme 11-13 Nov.

Singha Food Festival Invite food and music lovers to the festival food festival with a variety of great restaurants selected by Taste of BK under the theme Sustainability Without Single Use Plastic, enjoy the happiness together without harming the world. Ready to enjoy entertainment from quality artists. November 11-13, 2022 at Morakot court Chidlom Central […]

“True Group” transforms its organization into a “sustainable” Technology Company together.

Today, the world faces three major challenges that need to be adapted: 1. Inclusive Capital, inequality and accessibility 2. Digital Transformation. Digital Adaptation 3. Sustainability/Climate Change Sustainability aclimate change which all include a chain Therefore, the public and private sectors must work together to drive these challenges together. especially collaboration to drive innovation that will […]

Revisiting the interview with “Ann Chakrabongse” reveals the management direction of JKN, a ten billion organization to be sustainable.

We have seen news on key issues that society watches as JKN generals for “Ann Chakrabongse” Chief Executive Officer of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited in terms of strong and powerful management. Since announcing earnings with increased revenue, there is a sweeping profit of more than 400 million, against all business trends, returning profit […]