‘Attack on Sisters’ Ji-won admitted, “I have been Lee Bong-won’s woman for 2 and a half years” Park Mi-sun’s back neck

Trot singer Jiwon-i, who came to the new counseling talk show ‘Attack on Sisters – Trouble Cut Salon’, introduced herself as ‘Lee Bong-won’s wife’ and Park Mi-sun’s jealousy exploded. Trot singer Ji Won-i, who won the title ‘Trot-type BeyoncĂ©’ with tight leggings, is coming to ‘Attack’s Sisters’ to be broadcast on the 31st. Seeing Jiwon […]

The Boyz, ‘Wake up a week to come’… Return date changed to February 20th

THE BOYZ awaken the spell of a new song a week earlier than before. On the 30th, IST Entertainment announced that they would move the return date of The Boyz’s 8th mini album, ‘BE AWAKE’ to February 20, a week earlier than before. Boyz’s comeback date change is said to be due to artists’ schedule […]

LG Electronics, complete portfolio reshuffle… facing ‘cold wave of demand’

Last year, LG Electronics, which opened the ’80 trillion era’ in annual sales, announced a major portfolio reorganization. This is because despite the highest ever performance, the profitability of all business sectors except the electricity field has fallen significantly, and the cold wave in demand is expected to continue. Along with strengthening the software (SW) […]