How has the strongest cospa “iPhone SE” evolved in the last 6 years? | AppBank

The iPhone is sold at a low price, “iPhone SEThere is a model called. The overseas YouTube channel “Flatlife” explains how the “iPhone SE” has evolved. *Category:technology Technology|*Source:Flatlife,wikipedia What is the significance of “iPhone SE” for Apple? The iPhone is a high-quality smartphone known for its latest innovative features and unprecedented performance, but it’s also […]

The opportunity to reduce road carbon emissions to zero by 2050 exists, but not many!

The idea that developed countries should step in to supportreduce carbon emissions report of BloombergNEF also stated that the countrydeveloped and the organization at theInternational budgets should include investmentsinelectric car benefit and installation of floor structuresbase for charging into the action planThe level of climate changeworld, together with enabling the developing market which hasThis industry […]

Nintendo’s legendary game creator is inspired by “people playing with calculators” | AppBank

BIG3 in the consumer game industry today is “Nintendo,” “SONY,” and “Microsoft.” Among them, Nintendo continues to develop games that are popular all over the world. The overseas YouTube channel “Flatlife” will explain the history of such Nintendo products. *Category:technology Technology | * Source: Flatlife, Nintendo, wikipedia The decisive success of Nintendo’s rerouting from “Hanafuda” […]

NIA continues to build food tech startups Through Project Space-F Year 3

National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA together with the company Thai Union Group Public Company Limited, Mahidol University, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Jaiyos Company Limited continue to reinforce the image of Bangkok as a food tech silicon. Valley organizes the event “SPACE-F batch 3 Accelerator Demo Day” Presenting the […]

Why iPhones and MacBooks “continue to increase in price” | AppBank

The prices of Apple products continue to rise year by year. The YouTube channel “Apple Explained”, which is familiar with Apple, explains why the company has been raising the price of its products for many years. *Category:technology Technology|*Source:Apple Explained,wikipedia What is the history of price increases for Apple products? Apple is always pricing higher than […]

Financial face丨China Merchants Shekou: Successfully issued 1.29 billion yuan of ultra-short-term financing bills_ Finance Net-CAIJING.COM.CN

On July 1, China Merchants Shekou issued an announcement on the results of the issuance of the third phase of ultra-short-term financing bills in 2022. The announcement shows that on September 11, 2020, China Merchants Shekou received the “Notice of Acceptance of Registration” issued by the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors.[2020]SCP527), agreed to […]