A disappointing draw Daegu FC… ‘Sejinya Shined’ ::::: Article

Daegu FC at Incheon Football Stadium on May 17th. Hana One Q K League 1 2022 Round 13 It was a disappointing draw. Against Incheon, who took the lead in the league. In the away game, Daegu took Sejinya’s corner kick in the first half Jungwoon Hong’s first goal connected with the head Lead but […]

Hacked on Russian satellite TV, “bloody hands” and anti-war message | Reuters

On May 10th, it was discovered that Russian satellite television had changed the menu that Moscow viewers could see, displaying a message about the Ukrainian war. The picture is a screen with a message such as “Your hands are bloody”. From images obtained by Reuters (2022 Reuters / China Daily) [London 9th Reuters]–On the 9th, […]