The Impact of Urban Environments on Temperature: Findings from Meteorological Observations

Title: Rising Urban Temperatures Poses Health Concerns, New Study Reveals Author: Kim Do-kyun Published: August 17, 2023 Pohang, South Korea – As the scorching heatwave continues to sweep across the nation, citizens in Pohang city are facing an additional challenge – the intense heat radiating from the asphalt. With temperatures reaching a stifling 36 degrees […]

Extreme Heat Grips Jeddah on Day of Arafah, Raises Concerns for Pilgrims

Record-Breaking Heat Engulfs Arafat as Thousands Gather on Religious Pilgrimage JEDDAH – Pilgrims on the sacred journey of Arafat were faced with scorching conditions as the mercury soared to an unprecedented 48 degrees Celsius. The blistering heatwave struck relentlessly, making this year the hottest temperature ever recorded in the holy city. According to the Weather […]

[오늘과학] Chinese Mars rover finds traces of water in low latitudes: Donga Science

An unmanned mobile (roaming) robot ‘Julong (祝融)’ is standing on the right side of the picture. Provided by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) China’s unmanned mobile robot (rover) on Mars, ‘Julong (祝融)’ has found evidence that liquid water exists on the surface of Mars at low latitudes. This is the first evidence found in […]

Salvador and Porto Seguro record April temperature this Thursday (20)

The temperature in Bahia remains scorching in the middle of autumn. This Thursday (20), it was Porto Seguro’s turn to reach the record for the month of April, with 35ºC recorded at 6pm, and a thermal sensation of 35.9ºC, according to data from the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet). The intense heat is the result […]