Japan’s Q2 GDP Forecast Slashed to 4.8% Amidst Decline in Private Investment

Japan has revised down its second-quarter GDP forecast to 4.8% from the previously projected 6% following a reduction in private investment. This development raises concerns about the country’s economic growth prospects. The decrease in investment signals a potential slowdown and highlights the need for stimulating measures to boost the Japanese economy. The revision in GDP […]

Facebook takes action against Chinese Anti-Western propaganda by cracking down on fake accounts and pages

Facebook Takes Action Against Fake Accounts and Pages Spreading Chinese Anti-Western Propaganda In a recent development, Facebook has intensified its efforts to combat the proliferation of fake accounts and pages disseminating Chinese anti-Western propaganda. The social media giant has taken a firm stance against this type of misleading content, whose potential repercussions range from damaging […]

Vietnamese Unicorn Startup VNG Makes Historic Entrance on US Stock Market

Vietnamese Unicorn Startup VNG Becomes First Y-Tech Company Listed on US Stock Market Vietnamese technology powerhouse, VNG, has made history by becoming the first Y-tech unicorn startup to be listed on the US stock market. This momentous achievement marks a significant milestone for Vietnam’s booming startup ecosystem and highlights the country’s emergence as a major […]

ADB Proposes Skills Development and Inequality Reduction in Post-COVID Asia-Pacific

ADB Urges Asia-Pacific to Enhance Workforce Skills and Reduce Inequality Post-COVID-19 In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is recommending the Asia-Pacific region to prioritize the improvement of workforce skills and address inequality. As countries strive to rebuild their economies, these measures are deemed crucial for promoting sustainable and inclusive […]