3 Key Factors Holding Back World Stocks: Analysis Reveals Strong Fundamentals in Thailand

Three Factors Weighing Down World Stocks In a recent analysis, brokers have highlighted three key factors that continue to drag world stocks down. However, amidst this gloom, it is worth noting that Thailand’s fundamentals remain a strong pillar in all aspects. 1. Germany’s Distress: Collapsing Confidence and Weak Economy Firstly, Germany finds itself in serious […]

Global Stock Markets Rebound as Interest Rates Approach Peak Levels

Stock Markets Recover as Global Interest Rates Rise Global stock markets are showing signs of recovery as interest rates around the world reach their highest point. This comes as welcome news amid concerns of a global economic slowdown. Key Factors Impacting the Recovery: Real estate in China has been significantly affected, with credit ratings agency […]

Expert Recommendation: Reduce Stock Holdings, Invest in US Bonds for Potential 10% Yield

Investment Strategy: Experts Recommend Buying US Bonds for Potential 10% Yield Reducing Stocks and Embracing Bonds: A Wise Move in the Current Market In the pursuit of lucrative investment opportunities, it is crucial to consider various options that align with the prevailing economic climate. Despite the stock market’s positive momentum, expert recommendations suggest that individuals […]

Thai Stocks Close with Modest Gain as Investors Monitor Economic Stimulus Measures

Thai Stocks Show Limited Movement Amid Positive Factors The Thai stock market closed today with a marginal increase of 2.77 points or 0.18%, ending at 1,562.97 points. Throughout the day, the general stock trading index fluctuated within positive territory, reaching a peak of 1,568.68 points and a low of 1,560.41 points. Although the market absorbed […]

Ichitan’s Phenomenal Growth: Sales Skyrocket to 10 Billion Baht in Just 3 Years

Ichitan Achieves Sales of 10 Billion Baht Within 3 Years, Establishing Remarkable Success The renowned beverage brand “Ichitan” (ICHI) has recently witnessed a ground-breaking surge in sales, reaching an impressive milestone of 10 billion baht. Spearheading this remarkable achievement is the esteemed executive, Tan Passakornnatee, who took bold measures to boost production capacity effectively. Not […]

Thai Stocks Rise as Srettha Thavisin Accepts Prime Minister Position

Thai Stocks Close Higher as Srettha Thavisin Becomes 30th Prime Minister In a positive development for the Thai stock market, the benchmark index closed up by 19.75 points, or 1.29%, on August 22, 2023. The market ended the day at 1,545.60 points, with a trading value of 71,924.04 million baht. Throughout the day, the index […]