Broke Predicts Range-Bound Thai Stock Market This Week, Highlights 6 Worthwhile Stocks

Thailand Stock Market Analysis: Broke Looks at Thai Stocks, Highlights Key Factors Thailand’s stock market is expected to remain stable within a range of 1,520 – 1,550 points this week. Several significant events, including the Federal Reserve meeting minutes, the Constitutional Court’s decision, and the 2Q2023 budget announcement, will heavily influence the market. With these […]

Thai Stock Market Reaches New Highs, Analysts Say

Thai Stocks Surge as Interest Rate Outlook Turns Positive Thai stocks closed the market on a high note last week, with a significant increase of +18.68 points. Analysts have attributed this rise to the positive momentum seen across regional stock markets. The surge can also be attributed to the Federal Reserve’s recent announcement that the […]

Asia Plus Identifies 19 Laggard Stocks with Positive Sentiment Amidst Rising Interest Rates, Thai Political Vote, and Chinese Economic Stimulus

Asia Plus Highlights 19 Laggard Stocks with Positive Sentiment Investors Should Capitalize on Three Key Factors The renowned Department of Securities Company Research (SEC) Asia Plus has identified three crucial factors that investors need to consider this week. These include global interest rates, upcoming Thai political developments, and the Chinese economy’s stimulus plan. Amidst these […]

7 Stock Snacks in the Thai Stock Market: A Look at the Top Snack Businesses

7 Snack Stocks to Watch in the Thai Stock Market A recent survey conducted by “Krungthep Turakij” has shed light on the snack business in the Thai stock market. Many brands have gained recognition both domestically and internationally, despite the market’s volatility due to foreign and domestic factors, particularly political instability. Nonetheless, several listed companies […]

Dow Jones Profit Gains Amidst Plunging Thai Stocks: Concerns over Political Vacuum

Dow Jones Profits Surge as Strong Companies Drive Growth, While Thai Stocks Plunge Amid Concerns of Political Vacuum By Jia Sophon and Praewawanvanich Published on 21-07-66 Hot Issue: Foreign Capital Boosts Thai Stocks, Hopes for SET Rebound at 9:35 1. At 9:35, there is optimism for a rebound in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) […]

Strict Credit Rating Management Key to Preventing Repeat of STARK Default and Shaping Investment Opportunities in Listed Companies

Strict Credit Rating Management Prevents Bond Defaults Credit rating agencies such as “TRIS Rating” are adopting stricter measures to prevent a repeat of the STARK incident, where defaults on bonds by STARK and other companies resulted in significant consequences. By placing a particular emphasis on companies utilizing the “Back Door Listing” mechanism or becoming listed […]