KONAKOVIĆ PROMISES: ‘We will systematically gather smart and hardworking people through the institutions of our country!’

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/01/photo_1674658722976_2.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/01/photo_1674658722976_2.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Slobodna Bosna / Arhiva”,”bg”:”262145″,”img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/01/photo_1644492441805.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/01/photo_1644492441805.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Slobodna Bosna / Arhiva”,”bg”:”333879″] Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Elmedin Konaković he reflected on the first days of his ministerial mandate. He says he had two very dynamic days and a weekend. “The rule is that the first meeting should be held with the doyen of diplomacy […]

[영상M] Exposed to fire… Junkyard found illegally storing gasoline and diesel

Junkyard in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do. A number of blue petrol cans are placed next to a pile of vehicle parts. Investigators open the canister of gasoline and try to extract the liquid inside. The amount of gasoline found here is 1,900 litres. In an unlicensed store, gasoline can only be stored up to 200 litres, which […]

Gasoline gained 42, diesel gained 49 this week↓‥diesel gained 1,700 in 9 months

Photo courtesy: Yonhap News Gasoline and diesel sales prices show a downward trend, with the price of diesel at domestic gas stations falling to the 1,700 won level for the first time in nine months. According to Opinet, the Korea National Oil Corporation’s oil price information system, the average selling price of diesel this week […]

Oil prices continue to fall … this week, 15 won for gasoline and 16 won for diesel↓

gas station scene [사진제공=뉴시스] [Gohebydd Papur Newydd Heddiw Kim Hyo-in]Selling prices of gasoline and diesel at domestic gas stations continue to fall. According to the Korea National Oil Corporation’s oil price information system ‘Opinet’ on the 10th, the average selling price of gasoline at gas stations nationwide in the first week of December (4th to […]

[나는리뷰어다] Hanbit Media, 2022 Edition Excel + Powerpoint + Word & Hangul that goes directly to the company: Dana and DPG are my heart

[나는리뷰어다] Hanbit Media, Edition 2022 Excel+Powerpoint+Word&Hangul for direct communication in the company Written / Photo: Wonjun Seo ([email protected]) This introductory article was written with the book provided by Hanbit Media, of which I am a reviewer and fan, and has the character of a strong buying guide. It is already the end of November and […]

Netflix will launch a live unscripted talk show early next year. Chris Rock’s first performance will be played. Apple, Amazon, and Disney also begin installing live broadcast content (185196)

In addition to launching live unscripted talk shows, Netflix has recently reported that it plans to provide live sports content within its service, thereby attracting more user groups to join. After news that Netflix plans to use live streaming technology to launch unscripted reality shows and other types of programming to create a new viewing […]

[고도일의 통증정복]Pain relief with non-surgical spine treatment

Improving treatment prognosis with neuroplasty, balloon dilatation, intervertebral foramen widening, and ligament strengthening injection ◇ Director of Ko Do-il Hospital Spinal stenosis narrows the spinal canal, a central nerve pathway that runs from the cerebrospinal cord to the body through the spine. Soft tissues such as spinal bones, ligaments, and muscles are located around the […]