“Tiger Setakarn” Luk Sek-Kan has moved After breaking up with his girlfriend

after the woman “Dreaming of Kanyanat” Came out to post to answer questions via personal Instagram. In which she admitted that she had broken up with “Tiger Setcan” the son of famous rockers “Sek Loso” and “Kan Wiphakorn”, and denied that the breakup was not related to money at all. latest progress “Tiger Settkan Sukpimai” […]

Eat a lot! Fat tiger eats too much Get in the way of other tigers (with clip)

He’s hungry! It’s called going viral. After a netizen using the account name, Anan Talk (阿南Talk) uploaded a video clip of a plump and fluffy Siberian tiger. Sitting alone and lonely by the fence On the popular social media platform “Weibo” by the said fat tiger living in a zoo in Harbin city Heilongjiang Province […]

Shine on the income of “4 Tigers”, the kingdom of “online lotteries”, which fumes

becomes a hot topic Online world! The case for criticizing the sales company “online lottery” A famous person set up a scene to hire someone to receive the 1st prize even though they didn’t actually win the prize. together with stating that this company has “Lottery“Really? leading to “Thitapha Thanasappreecha” or “Chief Executive Vof the […]

[World Now] I stopped the car and looked in the trunk to see a tiger cub.

Local time on the 27th, National Road 200 in El Marquez, Queretaro, Mexico. A vehicle breaking traffic laws tried to escape and was eventually caught by the police. Police arrested the couple while driving and found four guns and 98 cartridges in the back of the car. And surprisingly, there was also a tiger cub […]

“Anna Suea-ngam-iam” believes and does her best – every girl is a “tiger”

A very golden year of the beauty queen industry after “Ann Chakrabongse” has announced a purchase Miss Universe Organization (MUO) It is 100% Thai owned and recently organized an event JKN Global Group presents Miss Universe Extravaganza A fantastic universe is called the launch press conference. MOO official the biggest time because in the event, […]

Tigers and archers killed 9 Indians with 200

photo credit: Yonhap News A terrifying ‘man-eating tiger’ that killed 9 people in the state of Bihar in north-east India has been shot. The Hindustan Times reported that Indian police killed a man-eating tiger the day before after conducting a large-scale operation involving more than 200 people on the 9th local time. A 16-year-old boy […]

In the tiger cage Munnar shook; Worried about where to open

Idukki: A tiger was caught in Munnar’s residential area of ​​Naimakkad. The tiger, which had been spreading terror by killing pets in the country for days, was trapped in a cage set up by the forest department. The forestry department has installed cages in three places. The tiger was caught at 8:30pm. The health of […]