Broadcaster Kim Bo-seong Reveals Exemption from Military Service Due to Visual Impairment

Entertainer Reveals Exemption from Military Service Due to Visual Impairment By Eun Lee | September 13, 2023 | 05:40 Broadcaster Kim Bo-seong, under the name of Heo Seok Kim Bo-seong, recently disclosed that he was exempted from military service due to having level 6 visual impairment. Appearing on JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Jjandangpo’ on September 12th […]

China-Mongolia Expo: Increasing Gold Content and Expanding Circle of Friends

Rewrite text China News Service, Hohhot, September 10th: China-Mongolia Expo: The gold content is gradually increasing and the circle of friends is expanding. Author Zhang Wei’aolan “My first visit to Inner Mongolia gave me a refreshing feeling. The architecture, the scenery, and the economic construction here gave me full confidence in cooperation. “Purevjal Uyanga, Minister […]

Hitomi Honda of AKB48 Announces Graduation after Ten Years: Final Single Release

Hitomi Honda Announces Graduation from AKB48 after Ten Years of Support from Fans By China Entertainment News On the 30th, Hitomi Honda (21) made a heartfelt announcement, expressing her decision to graduate from AKB48. In her sincere message, Honda expressed gratitude towards her devoted fans who have supported her throughout her ten-year journey. While the […]

Maison Valentino Unveils Newly Renovated Uomo Boutique with Unique Architectural Concept

Italian luxury brand Maison Valentino has recently reopened its Valentino Uomo boutique at Galleria Time World, showcasing an impressive renovation. The newly revamped boutique spans 115m2 and features Valentino’s signature architectural concept, aimed at providing a unique and personalized experience for customers. Inspired by Italian hospitality culture, the design focuses on the customer’s journey, presenting […]

Zhu Ting May Skip National Team to Focus on Recovery for Upcoming Season

Top Women’s Volleyball Player Zhu Ting Likely to Skip National Team for Restand Recovery ahead of Upcoming Competitions By [Journalist’s Name] The schedule for the second half of the Chinese women’s volleyball team was recently announced, and it appears that Zhu Ting, the team’s star player, may choose to skip national team duties in order […]