“Apple” announced that the launch of AR glasses has been postponed indefinitely

“Apple” announced the launch of AR glasses for an indefinite period l Million Marketing l 20-01-66 Apple delayed the launch of AR glasses for an indefinite period After encountering a technical problem, #Apple #glassesMR #VR #AR #AppleVision #MR #Apple has announced the postponement of the launch of AR #MacBook #iPhone #QuestPro #VR glasses. -11.30 am […]

Increasing the expectation that the Chinese economy will improve until next year. In response to opening up the country for 3 years to TNN Hours of making money I 20-01-66

Subsequent factors 1. China’s economy is expected to recover until next year. in response to the opening of the country for 3 years 2. The Fed can raise interest rates longer than before As a result, demand recovers following the Chinese economy 3. ECB sends market warning signals. Move forward to raise interest rates to […]

Securities and Exchange Commission office opens deposit protection statistics – ready to support Virtual Bank | Summary of the economic world 20 January 23

The Deposit Protection Agency (Public Protection Agency) reveals that the latest deposit protection amount is over 16 trillion baht, covering nearly 90 million depositors, along with protecting a Virtual Bank when it opens immediately. #Deposit Protection Agency #Ikkabanphot summarizes the economic world #About the world economy #Ikbanpotthana permsuk # Squatting the world economy # Squatting […]

Australia’s trade surplus widens in November, while imports decline | Summary of the world economy 12 January ’23

Australia’s trade surplus rises more than expected in November. while imports have fallen from record levels. And it has helped offset the decline in liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports. #Australia #TradeSurplus #liquefied natural gas #LNG #economy world #economy #economic news tnn16 #Anthavirat #Ann Yorlok Channel to follow news station TNN Channel 16 https://www.tnnthailand.com https:// tv.trueid. […]