Consumption, tourism, elections, support Thai stocks I am TNN know how to invest I 20-03-2020

Subsequent factors – consumption, tourism, elections support Thai stocks – refers to Thai stocks in the healthcare group Be a safe haven – TKN releases new products push income to grow in line with #Thai economy target Channel to follow station news TNN Channel 16 c/tnn16 / […]

LIVE: TNN World Today programme, Saturday 18 March 2023 time 20:30 – 21:15

Keep up with foreign news situations – Putin opens his mouth, who damaged Nord Stream? – AUKUS submarine deal, a step missed by Australia? – Asia shines at the Oscars Immediate or sustainable? Update news highlights and interesting analysis. Become online friends with TNN World, click Follow TNN World through various channels on the […]

Live: TNN, midday news, February 11, 2023 (11.30-13.00) – Turkey-Syria earthquake kills nearly 24,000 people

Live:TNN, noon news, February 11, 2023 (time 11.30-13.00) – Almost 24,000 victims of the Turkish-Syrian earthquake died – “Pride Thai-Chat Thaiwattana” continued to campaign – Lampang dust still found more than 150 wildfires – Chiang May flower market very busy for Valentine’s Day Channel to follow news station channel 16 TNN https :// […]