Get to know Wat Hong Thong, a landmark, build a walk to the sea

“ Get to know “Wat Hong Thong”, Bang Pakong District, a landmark, creating the first and only Sea Walk in Thailand with a 360 degree view of the sea. Wat Hong Thong, Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao Province has become a new landmark in Chachoengsao Province. and neighboring states which are popular with tourists After being opened […]

The museum is overcrowded…Tourists fight and knock down the “Bronze Statue of the Millennium” and the end is released: the punishment is too light | International | QUANTITY

The Sanxingdui Museum in Sichuan Province, China, was pushed and fought by tourists, causing thousands of years of national treasures to be knocked over. (Photo/Review from NetEase News) exaggerate too much! Recently, China coincided with the Spring Festival, and many people took advantage of the holiday to travel. Unexpectedly, at the Sanxingdui Museum in Sichuan […]

“Thanakorn” goes to Chiang Mai, ready to become “City of Health”

Follow the news >> Komchadluek online “Thanakorn” goes to Chiang Mai reveals that the prime minister aims to use cultural soft power to attract tourists. ready to mold “City of Health” believes that the year 2023 is a golden opportunity for Thai tourism. expected tourists Throughout the year, it was more than 27.5 million people, […]

SABINA targets 2023 growth of 10%

Sabina reveals plans for 2023, targeting sales growth of 10% this year, moving on to set new records in sales and profits higher than 2019, which was the highest sales ever. After going through the COVID-19 crisis Confidence in economic growth supported by a recovery in spending an increasing number of tourists Setting goals for […]

What is the difference between “VIP” and “VVIP”? Why are they not the same?

There’s no denying that on social media right now, the word “Travel like vvip” becomes increasingly controversial after that Chinese tourists One person posted a clip of the special service from the Thai police. Until it became a hot trend now that many people may have doubts “VIP” with “VVIP” How are they different? Why […]

Thailand tourism has returned to normal before the epidemic, Chinese tourists are on the way

Luo Lan, director of Thailand’s Shanghai National Tourism Administration Office, told reporters that tourism in Thailand has returned to the normal state before the epidemic, and large public areas such as scenic spots, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls have been. open as usual, also start to increase. “The Thai government has always attached great importance […]

“WHO” clearly announced to always put a “hygienic mask” on the plane

However, Dr. Chalermchai said because almost all subspecies of the Omikron virus are now Both XBB.1.5 , BQ.1.1 , BA.2.75 have significantly improved infection. Although not very violent Until recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a clear recommendation Ask all airlines to give strong advice to passengers Especially on airlines that travel for […]

[World Now] Deputy Prime Minister to greet the arrival of Chinese tourists

As a group of 200 Chinese tourists entered the arrival hall, the Thais who had joined them greeted them with applause. The Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand personally distributed flower beads to tourists, and airport staff distributed souvenirs to tourists one by one. On the 9th local time, a group of Chinese tourists arrived at […]