Attracting 2,400 Companies: Yiwu Fair Showcases the Diverse Market Beyond Small Goods

Attracting 2,400 Companies to the Yiwu Fair: Small Goods Meet Big Market Yiwu, Zhejiang—Yesterday marked the commencement of the 29th China Yiwu International Commodity Expo (Standards), an event dedicated to showcasing small goods and creating a thriving market. With the theme “Collecting Small Goods to Create a Big Market and Reinventing Brilliance,” this year’s expo […]

Indonesia Cracks Down on Direct Sales by Social Media Giants

Indonesia Implements Ban on Social Media Trading, Strives to Protect Small Traders In a bid to safeguard the interests of millions of small traders, Indonesia’s trade minister has announced a new policy prohibiting direct sales via social media platforms by large technology companies. This move aims to address the negative impact of direct trading on […]

Naver’s ‘HyperClova X’ Expands Rapidly Across Industries, from Startups to Finance and Software

Naver’s Revolutionary AI Platform, ‘HyperClova X’, Expands Reach and Partnerships Across Industries by Kim Dong-il, Reporter Naver, the leading Korean technology company, continues to forge strategic partnerships, expanding the influence of their groundbreaking AI platform, ‘HyperClova X’. Collaborating with top domestic companies such as SK C&C, Korea Investment & Securities, and Smilegate, Naver aims to […]

STX Expands Nickel Supply Chain with Indonesian Joint Venture Agreement

STX Expands Nickel Supply Chain Through Joint Venture with Indonesian Mining Company In a significant development during the early hours of the trading session, STX has signed a joint venture agreement with an Indonesian mineral company. This partnership aims to enhance the supply chain of nickel, a critical raw material for secondary batteries. As of […]

Loxley Shifts Focus to Trading Business to Reduce Project Risks and Drive Revenue Growth

Loxley Shifts Business Strategy to Minimize Project Risks, Focuses on Trading Business for Expansion and Revenue Growth By [Author Name], Staff Writer Loxley Public Company Limited In an effort to reduce the uncertainties associated with project-based work, Loxley Public Company Limited has taken steps to refocus its business strategy. As the CEO and President, Mr. […]

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