Schools started after the holidays; Traffic jams are increasing in Kuwait

Kuwait City: There is a huge traffic jam in Kuwait after the school holidays. Five and a half lakh students in middle and high school sections from government schools and private schools came to school last day. There was heavy congestion on the roads as government offices and schools opened at the same time. Most […]

Rain hit the city, flooding in many areas. causing traffic jams

On October 3, 2022, the Prevention Centerflood Bangkok reportprecipitationThe Bangkok area, at 3:45 pm, experienced light moderate rain on the Thonburi side. and Phra Nakhon side Moving southwest, steady trend, maximum rainfall 6 hours, Lak Si District 104.0 mm. while at 3:30 pm, light-moderate rain on Thonburi side and Phra Nakhon side Moving southwest, steady […]

With the opening of schools, the traffic jam in Kuwait is getting worse

Engineer Fahad Al Otaibi, secretary of the Kuwait Society of Engineers, insisted that there was serious congestion on all the main roads in Kuwait after the schools started and the government should urgently intervene in this matter. As there are government offices and schools at the same time, there is heavy congestion on roads. Fahad […]

Serious traffic jams! Update 5 rainy route, Vibhavadi Rangsit road flood

Point 24, Lot 34 Rattana tape (At Soi Rattanakosin 200 years) No rain, flood 5 – 10 cm, 1 – 2 traffic lanes, distance 400 meters (high water level in the canal, flooded fields and high sea water) Location 25, Thon 3413, Bang Bo Bypass (Bang Bo Bypass), no rain, flood 5-15 cm, 2 traffic […]

Onam celebrations on the road lathi-wielding law enforcement Dispersed students Video – Onam celebration College university student Targeted visitors jam Manorama News

Malappuram: Onam celebrations of learners blocked targeted visitors in Parapanangadi. The college students were charged by the police. A case has been registered against more than fifty learners of Parappanangady Cooperative Higher education. The police asked them many times not to block the traffic, but they did not comply. Which is why he charged the […]

“Chatchat” explores the opening of the Tha Phra Tunnel on the to start with day

Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok Be part of a group of runners for the Metropolis Run route from Lumpini Park, Pathumwan District, Sathorn Highway, Charoenkrung Street, Ratchadaphisek Street. Go via Mahaisawan Intersection i “Ratchada-Ratchapruek Tunnel” (Than Phra) Which started out to open now from 05.00 to look at the order and the website traffic […]