Elon Musk’s Comments Spur Major Companies to Halt Advertising on Social Media Platform X

Famous Companies Withdraw Advertising from Social Media Platform X Amidst Concerns Major corporations such as Apple, Disney, and Warner Bros. have made the decision to halt their advertising on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. This move follows concerns about the platform’s content and the actions of its CEO, Elon Musk. According […]

Exploring the Membership Tiers and Costs of a Social Media Platform

Monthly membership fees on the platform range from NT$ 91.88 to NT$ 450, as discovered by some netizens. Basic membership offers additional posting functions such as subsequent modifications, longer content, and the ability to delete posts. Basic members also receive services like background video playback, video downloads, and encrypted private messages. The monthly fee for […]

Blizzard Heroes: Hope Revived as PTR Test Update and Twitter Activity Stir Speculation

“Blizzard Heroes” Releases PTR Test Update, Sparking Speculation on its Future A Glint of Hope for the Beloved Game? The much-beloved game “Blizzard Heroes” has resurfaced from a year and a half of silence with a surprise announcement on Twitter. This unexpected revival not only caught the attention of avid fans but also raised questions […]

Twitter Introduces $1 Annual Fee for New Users to Combat Bots

Rather than freely sharing posts on the platform, new users of X (Twitter) will now be required to pay a yearly fee of one dollar, according to CEO Elon Musk. While reading posts will remain free of charge, the ability to share content will come with a price tag. The company plans to pilot this […]

NASA’s Ingenuity Micro-Helicopter Sets New Flight Altitude Record on Mars

NASA’s Ingenuity micro-helicopter achieves new flight altitude record on Mars By Kim In-han, Money Today Reporter In a groundbreaking feat, NASA’s Ingenuity micro-helicopter has reached a new milestone by soaring 20 meters in the Martian sky. This remarkable invention marks the first-ever powered flight on another planet. Despite facing a communication setback for 63 days, […]

Taiwan Raises Alarm as China Sends Record Number of Warships Near its Coast

Taiwan Warns of Increased Chinese Military Pressure In a recent development, Taiwan has raised concerns about China’s escalating military pressure around its territory, similar to previous years. This warning comes in response to a significant deployment of Chinese warships in close proximity to Taiwan. The Ministry of Defense in Taiwan revealed via Twitter that, within […]

Former Indian Pacer Venkatesh Prasad Sparks Controversy with Cryptic Tweet Targeting BCCI

Controversial Tweet by Former Indian Pacer Sparks Speculation Former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad is once again making headlines on social media following a controversial tweet he shared. Prasad initiated a new discussion without explicitly mentioning the names of individuals or organizations. In a recent tweet, Prasad stated, “One corrupt and arrogant person is enough to […]

Youngsook indirectly admits her feelings amidst controversy in ‘I’m Solo’ program

Youngsook Indirectly Admits Feelings amid Controversy By Noeul Kim | September 2, 2023 | 16:54 Youngsook, known by his pseudonym, made a surprising revelation on social media, indirectly admitting his true emotions. On his Instagram story, which is set to disappear within 24 hours, he shared a Twitter post that caught the attention of his […]