Uhm Jung-hwa Shares Her Abs Exercise Routine and Secrets

Singer and Actor Uhm Jung-hwa Shares Her Abs Exercise Routine By Kim Na-yeon | September 3, 2023 Renowned singer and actor Uhm Jung-hwa recently unveiled her secrets to maintaining well-defined abs. In a video titled “I wonder how to maintain abs?” released on her YouTube channel, ‘Umaizing Eom Jung-hwa TV’, Uhm Jung-hwa demonstrated her rigorous […]

Lee Hyo-ri Shares Heartwarming Moment with Husband Lee Sang-yin in Kitchen Selfie

Lee Hyo-ri, the renowned singer, recently shared an endearing moment with her husband, Lee Sang-yin. In an Instagram post on the 10th, Hyo-ri Lee uploaded a photo accompanied by a heart emoticon, showcasing their love and affection. The picture captures a sweet, everyday scene as Lee Hyo-ri prepares a meal, positioning herself for a selfie […]

Wandering Singers Take the College Campus by Storm at University Festivals

College Campus Abuzz With tvN’s ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’ Date: June 23, 2023 10:20 AM In the recent episode of the popular entertainment program ‘Wandering Singers’, also known as ‘Wandering Troupe’, on tvN, the college festival stage was set on fire. The fifth episode, aired on the 22nd, featured the thrilling performances of renowned singers […]

Park Jin-young, who suffered from excessive exercise… Hyori Lee “I can’t be professional”

Reporter Chae Tae-byeong of Money Today | 2023.06.13 20:29 /Photo = Captured from ‘TEO Theo’ YouTube channel Singer Lee Hyo-ri criticized Park Jin-young, who showed excessive enthusiasm in rehearsals, saying, “You’re not professional.” On the 13th, tvN’s ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’ released the 3rd unaired video. In the video, Hyo-ri Lee, who was traveling by […]