“Total madness. Russia has washed away its war equipment”

The Ukrainian army is attacking Russian defense lines with casualties, but these are holding up so far. Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin is self-confident. Can Russia prevent a breakthrough? The Ukrainian counter-offensive has begun, but it is still unclear with what intensity Ukraine is attacking Russian positions. The war is likely at a stage when Kiev […]

Selenskyj has received a fighter jet offer – that’s behind it

After months of demands Selenskyj receives a fighter jet offer – that’s what’s behind it Updated on 06/07/2023 – 15:53Reading time: 3 min. Fighter jet for Ukraine? Footage shows the agile F-16 in action. (What: t-online) After a long hesitation, Ukraine could get fighter jets – at least that’s what President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says. What’s […]

Putin opens the door to Germany

Defense Minister Pistorius wants to close arms deals with India. With this, Germany and the USA want to exploit a weakness of Vladimir Putin. But the shot could backfire. Yoga can build bridges, especially in India. The Indian government sees the traditional mental and physical exercises as a valuable cultural export. In the past, Prime […]

Dam rupture in Cherson: “Everything will die here”

A brown tide flows through the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson. After the dam burst, many people are faced with the ruins of their lives. Cherson in the Ukraine: 52-year-old Iryna is standing with her neighbors on the banks of the Dnipro and is stunned by the masses of water that are pouring in over […]

Selenskyj accuses UN of failure: “They are not there”

After the dam in Kherson burst, the suffering in the region is immeasurable. President Zelenskyj calls for more help. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has accused the United Nations and the Red Cross of failing after the dam collapse in Ukraine. “They are not there,” said Selenskyj in an interview with “Welt”, “Bild” and “Politico”. The […]

Dam blown – Massive flooding is now threatening here

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam in the Kherson region could have devastating consequences. Animations show where thousands of people are now threatened. According to both warring parties, the adjacent hydroelectric power station was destroyed in the severe explosion at the Nowa Kachowka dam in southern Ukraine. The dam itself, which is close to the […]

Ukraine | Dam blown up in Kherson – questions and answers

Alarm in Cherson: the important Kakhovka dam was destroyed. The situation is critical, thousands of people are threatened. The most important things at a glance What happened? According to the warring parties, an important dam near the front was severely damaged in the Russian-occupied part of the southern Ukrainian region of Cherson. Kiev and Moscow […]

Could Ukraine have blown it up itself?

read video transcript “If in the end not (cut out the word) only a few people died, then people will say how brilliant of Ukraine that they designed this plan. Nobody would have expected it, right? That’s when you become heroic, intelligent, so to speak and praise things like that.” It is still speculation: who […]

Dam blown up in Kherson: “Clearly a war crime”

Reactions to dam explosion “Russian terrorism has just reached a new level” Updated on 6/6/2023 – 4:15 p.mReading time: 4 min. Animations show where the water masses could spread in the coming hours. (What: t-online) The alleged attack on the dam in Cherson has drawn international criticism. This applies in particular to the Russian aggressor. […]

Dam blown up – accusations in the media

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam is the dominant topic in the Russian and Ukrainian media on Tuesday morning. The finger-pointing continues among bloggers. Concern after the destruction of the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine is great – this also became clear in social media on Tuesday morning. Media sites in Ukraine and Russia know […]