The battle of the ‘enemy of the UAE Iran’…”President Yoon must wake up” vs “treasonous behavior must be stopped”

Oh Yeong-hwan, floor spokesman of the Minjoo Party of Korea [자료사진] In response to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s comments that “the enemy of the United Arab Emirates is Iran,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry said, “The Korean government showed a willingness to correct mistakes, but it was insufficient.” Oh Young-hwan, a spokesman for the Minjoo Party of Korea, […]

“There has never been an oil boss as climate chief”

An oil boss will lead the next world climate conference. As scandalous as that may seem, it’s also pragmatic, says expert David Ryfisch in an interview. It goes from one desert to the next: what is probably the most important summit in the world will take place in 2023 on the Persian Gulf. More precisely: […]

National U20 football warm-up match United Arab Emirates U20 draw 1-1 on January 20, both sides played the second warm-up match_National Youth_Japan Team_Asia

2023-01-19 17:59 Source: Yangtze Evening News Original title: National under-20 football warm-up match UAE Under-20 draw 1-1 on January 20, both sides played the second warm-up match Yangzi Evening News, January 19th (Reporter Sun Yunyue, Zhang Chenxuan, Zhang Hao) At 0:00 on January 19th, Beijing time, the Chinese team, which was preparing for the 2023 […]