Dow Jones Closes Slightly Lower as Investors Monitor Cyber Monday and US Economic Data

New York Dow Jones Stock Exchange Closes Slightly Lower as Investors Keep Watch on Consumer Spending On Monday, the New York Dow Jones Stock Exchange index closed slightly lower as investors remained focused on consumer spending numbers on Cyber Monday and key US economic data scheduled for release this week. This includes the Gross Domestic […]

Former RCMP Intelligence Officer Found Guilty in Historic Espionage Trial

Former RCMP Officer Found Guilty of Leaking Intelligence to Organized Crime A former civilian member of Canada’s national police force, Cameron Ortiz, 51, has been convicted of leaking official secrets to organized crime, following a historic espionage trial. This marks the first case to be tried in Canada since the new espionage law came into […]

Potential Agreement Near for Release of 240 Hostages Held by Hamas

Potential Hostage Agreement Between Israel and Hamas The fate of 240 hostages held by Hamas is being closely monitored by various parties. The United States recently issued a statement suggesting that Israel and Hamas are on the verge of reaching an agreement regarding the hostages. #USA #Israel #Hamas #PPTVHD36 #PPTVNews #Channel36 #All news to understand […]

President Joe Biden Redeems Turkey at White House Thanksgiving Ceremony

President Biden Pardons Thanksgiving Turkeys at White House Ceremony President Joe Biden carried on the annual tradition of pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys on Monday, as he presided over the redemption of two turkeys at the White House. The star turkeys in this year’s ceremony, named Liberty and Belle, were presented to the President before being granted […]

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Endorses Donald Trump for President

Former Texas Governor Greg Abbott Endorses Donald Trump for President In a surprising announcement, former Texas Governor Greg Abbott has thrown his support behind former President Donald Trump, endorsing his candidacy for the upcoming presidential race. The endorsement took place at an event in Edinburg, Texas, where Abbott proclaimed, “We want Donald Trump back as […]

Thailand Competitiveness Conference 2023: Global Geopolitics, Economic Trends, and Strategies for Future Growth.

On 16 November, the Thai Management Association (TMA) organized a seminar titled “Thailand Competitiveness Conference 2023” with the theme “Building a Nation that Secures the Future.” The seminar was attended by representatives from government, private, and business agencies, and featured a presentation by Professor Kishore Mahbubani, a geopolitical expert from the Asia Research Institute National […]

Stock Market Reacts to Dismal Earnings Forecasts from Cisco Systems and Walmart

New York Stocks Close Lower on Weak Earnings Forecasts from Cisco and Walmart On Thursday, November 16, the Dow Jones Stock Exchange index in New York closed lower following profit forecast cuts from US technology giant Cisco Systems and retail leader Walmart Co. Stock Performance The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 34,945.47 points, down […]

Banpu Public Company Limited Reports Strong Business Results for Third Quarter of 2023

Banpu Public Company Limited Reveals Strong Business Results for the Third Quarter of 2023 By: Professional Journalist Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading international diversified energy company, has announced its business results for the third quarter of 2023. The company reported total sales revenue of 1,468 million US dollars (approximately 51,638 million baht), with earnings […]