Buttress Pillow3 | The butt that came twice comes three times.You are also captivated by the biggest butt pillow in history –Engadget Japanese version

Support this project with # {Settings.contact.official.service_name} ▍ What is Buttress Pillow? How wonderful it would be if you could sleep buried in your ass anytime, anywhere. The first Buttress Pillow was developed by the buttocks enthusiast Zia, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with such unstoppable love for the buttocks as an infinite driving force. Buttocks […]

“Sol Cresta” released on February 22, 2022.The spiritual successor to the old Nichibutsu union shooter-Engadget Japanese version

PlatinumGames PlatinumGames will release a free-form shooter game “Sol Cresta” on February 22nd, which will be the spiritual successor to the monumental “Moon Cresta” and “Terra Cresta” of the 1980s vertical scrolling shooter games on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). Announced that it will be released for. Speaking of the Cresta series, Nichibutsu (Nihon […]