“Health Net” Be a vegetarian and pay attention to a balanced diet. A nutritionist teaches you to eat smart- LOHAS Non-Diet Health Network

The nutritionist reminds that vegetarians tend to have an insufficient intake of iron and zinc, and they can supplement by taking more spinach, mushrooms, soybeans, dark green vegetables, brown rice, and oats. (image taken from freepik) [Sianel Iechyd/Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]November 25th is World Meat Free Day, also known as International Vegetarian Day. Nutritionist Yu Zhuqing said […]

“Bulk up with three meals a day tofu and vegetables” The world of vegan health people

As the preference for vegetarianism increases, vegan health people are also emerging“Wheat protein, tofu, and other plant proteins are enough to build muscle” As the preference for vegetarianism has increased, so-called ‘vegan health people’ who grow their bodies on a vegan diet have also emerged. [이미지출처=픽사베이] [아시아경제 박현주 기자] As summer approaches, many people start […]