Discover the Magical Blooms and Healing Properties of Gujeolcho in the Alpine Area

A Challenging Road with a Unique Love Story: Exploring the Beauty of Gujeolcho The journey from Hangyeryeong to Gwidaegicheong is anything but easy. It is a path filled with rough terrain, scattered with stones, rocks, and tangled tree roots, making every step a slow and difficult one. On misty days, when clouds engulf the surroundings, […]

Osstem Implant Offers Free Samples of ‘Osstamin D’ to Dentists for Implant Surgery Patients

Osstem Implant Hosts Free Sample Event to Promote its Latest Nutritional Supplement ‘Osstamin D’ for Implant Surgery Patients Seoul, South Korea – In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of nutritional supplements in post-implant surgery recovery, Osstem Implant is organizing a sample event for their latest product, ‘Osstamin D’. The renowned dental implant […]

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Introduces New Functional Health Products: ‘Ener Thistle Perfect Shot Immune Plus’ and ‘Ener Thistle Perfect Shot Choledown’

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Unveils New Functional Products, ‘Ener Thistle Perfect Shot Immune Plus’ and ‘Ener Thistle Perfect Shot Choledown’ Daewoong Pharmaceutical has announced the upcoming launch of two new products, namely ‘Ener Thistle Perfect Shot Immune Plus’ and ‘Ener Thistle Perfect Shot Choledown’, both of which are enhanced versions of the renowned health functional food ‘Ener […]

Ener Thistle Perfect Shot by Daewoong Pharmaceutical Experiences Rapid Sales, 500,000 Bottles Sold in 3 Months

Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s ‘Ener Thistle Perfect Shot’ Achieves Remarkable Sales of 500,000 Bottles in Just 3 Months Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s innovative multivitamin, ‘Ener Thistle Perfect Shot’, has gained immense popularity, with over 500,000 bottles sold within three short months. In a recent announcement, Daewoong Pharmaceutical revealed that their breakthrough product, ‘Ener Thistle Perfect Shot’, has exceeded sales […]

Introducing ‘Vitamin D 4000IU Max’: A New Breakthrough in Bone Health and Antioxidation

Whanin Pharmaceuticals Introduces Vitamin D 4000IU Max for Optimal Health Whanin Pharmaceuticals, under the leadership of CEO Lee Dong-soo, proudly announces the launch of their latest healthcare distribution brand, AsU. This innovative brand is committed to providing top-quality products that prioritize the well-being of their customers. Introducing Vitamin D 4000IU Max: The Ultimate Health Booster […]

‘Dr. Theerawat’ warns that taking too much vitamin B6 can cause nerve irritation

On June 17, 2023, Professor Dr Teerawat Hemajutha or “Doctor Theerawat” Director of the Emerging Diseases Health Science Center Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine A private post on Facebook states that Too Much Vitamin B6, Nerve Inflammation family doctors, especially psychiatrists andnervous system Become suspicious, observe and observe. abnormality ofnervethat cannot be explained by the […]