[VOA 뉴스] Emphasizes commitment to denuclearization of Korean Peninsula… Reaffirms Japan’s ‘Defense Pledge’

US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida discussed issues such as the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the capture of North Korea at a summit in Washington. President Biden welcomed Japan’s new security strategy and reaffirmed the United States’ defense commitment to Japan. Reporter Ham Ji-ha reports. (Video commentary: Kim Seon-myeong […]

[VOA 뉴스] North Korea’s ‘illegal provocation’… Strengthening US-Japan ‘security cooperation’

The US and Japan held a 2+2 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and reaffirmed the importance of US-ROK-Japan cooperation in responding to North Korea’s illegal and reckless provocations. In particular, he said he would seek opportunities for trilateral training in several areas, including countermeasures against ballistic missiles and anti-submarine warfare. Reporter Ham Ji-ha reports. (Video editing: Lee […]

[VOA 뉴스] Simultaneous Sanctions Against North Korea US, South Korea and Japan… Strengthening ‘Trilateral Ties’

The United States, South Korea and Japan simultaneously announced sanctions against North Korea in response to successive North Korean ballistic missile launches. The White House said it showed a stronger trilateral relationship, and the State Department criticized China and Russia for being passive in implementing the resolution on North Korea, saying they were coordinating closely […]