North Korean State Media Reveals Negative Votes in People’s Assembly Election

North Korean State Media Reveals Election Results On November 28, North Korean state media announced that a small number of negative votes were cast in the election of representatives to the People’s Assembly across the country. The revelation, made by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), included details of the voting outcome, with 99.91% of […]

Arab Countries and EU Agree on Need for Two-State Solution to Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Arab Countries and EU Agree on “Two-State Solution” for Palestine-Israel Conflict 27th September, Barcelona – Reuters During a meeting held in Spain on the 27th, representatives from Arab countries and the European Union (EU) reached a consensus on the necessity of a “two-state solution” to resolve the conflict between Palestine and Israel. The High Representative […]

The Yen’s Depreciation Reaches a Turning Point

As of November 24th, many believe that the yen’s depreciation has peaked despite US Federal Reserve interest rate hikes being put on hold and a focus on potential interest rate cuts in 2024. A bridge bill passed just before the November 17 deadline for the US debt ceiling, extending funding for some government agencies until […]

Americans Seek Younger, Non-Divisive Alternative in 2024 Presidential Election

November 17, 2024 Americans Seek Younger, Non-Divisive Alternative to Biden and Trump in 2024 Election As the 2024 US presidential election approaches, many Americans are facing the prospect of choosing between President Biden and former President Trump. However, there is a growing desire for a younger, less polarizing alternative to the two main parties. The […]

Populist Far-right Party Expected to Become Largest Party in Dutch General Election

Dutch General Election: Populist Far-Right Party Expected to Win In the recent Dutch general election, the Party for Freedom (PVV) led by Wilders, a populist far-right politician with anti-immigration and anti-European Union (EU) policies, is anticipated to emerge as the largest party, according to exit polls. The PVV is projected to win 35 seats in […]

Liberal Congressman Javier Millay Wins Argentina’s Presidential Runoff Election

Argentine Presidential Election Results Argentine Presidential Election: Conservative Congressman Javier Millei Wins Published on November 19, 2023 In the recent Argentine presidential runoff election, conservative Congressman Javier Millei emerged victorious, defeating the centre-left Economy Minister Sergio Masa of the ruling coalition. Election Results Javier Millei: 56% of the vote Sergio Masa: 44% of the vote […]

Texas Governor Announces Support for Donald Trump in Presidential Election

Texas Governor Abbott Announces Support for Former President Trump in 2024 Election TOKUDINBURG, Texas (2023 Reuters) – On November 19, Texas Governor Abbott made a significant announcement, declaring his support for former President Trump in the upcoming presidential election. The announcement was made during a visit to Edinburg, Texas, where Governor Abbott and former President […]