Britain Takes Aim at Wagner Group: Declares Them a Terrorist Organization

British Government Considers Declaring “Wagner Group” as a Terrorist Organization In a significant move, the British government is preparing to announce the Russian mercenary group, known as the “Wagner Group,” as a designated terrorist organization. This decision, if approved by parliament, would initiate the process of asset confiscation and ban any support or affiliation with […]

Russian Army Sees High Demand as Recruitment Opens Year-Round

Russian Security Council: Record Number of Recruits Enlist in the Army In a significant development, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, announced that the Russian army has opened its recruitment process throughout the year. A staggering number of 280,000 individuals have already registered for professional military service in the Russian army. This […]

write a title for this article The investigative committee of the Russian government reported on Sunday that the founder of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prikoshin He died of a real plane crash Recently, foreign media expected to bury a billionaire. President Putin’s former secret will be held today. In front of the Serafimovskoye cemetery in St. western Russia It is believed that this is the burial place of Yevgeny Prikoshin, the founder of the Wagner Group. The front of the cemetery is full of policemen standing on patrol. maintaining security and rigorous screening of people entering the cemetery due to concern that there will be disturbance Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: Russian President Vladimir Putin will not travel to attend Prikoshin’s funeral Wagner – Russian people mourn “Prikoshin-Utkin” Analysts believe that Prikochin could have been killed after betraying Putin. And the Russian government has no details about the incident. Because it is a personal matter of the Prikoshin family. Many see the sudden departure of the founder of the Wagner Group. The future of the mercenary group is uncertain. until it could lead to unrest Now the nation involved in the problem is from the Wagner group Poland and the Baltic States because it borders on Belarus which was the residence of many of the Wagner family I had to’ the latter fled Russia after a failed uprising two months earlier. The Interior Ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia visited Warsaw. Poland to discuss with the Polish Minister of the Interior, Mariusz Kaminski, about possible disturbances from Wagner after the discussion Ministers of the interior of the four countries announced a press conference for the media. The Polish Minister of the Interior, Mariusz Kaminski, has called on the Belarusian government to expel the Wagner group from Belarusian soil. including sending smugglers along the border of Belarus back to their countries of origin with an ultimatum to Belarus that If a serious incident occurs Poland and the Baltic States will close all borders with Belarus. The concern of the Wagner Group Poland and the Baltic States arises because these countries Ukraine is the main supporter of the war, this has made the four countries targets for a rebellion to destabilize the country. until unable to support Ukraine further Concerns grew as Wagner deprived Yevgeny, Prikoshin and Ukraine began to develop more and more important areas. Now the main battle Ukraine is located in the Robotyny region and its southern part. This is an area with road T-0408, an important road that connects to the city of Tokmak. An outpost before the strategic city of transporting supplies to the Crimean peninsula and the West Kherson region, Melitopol. Although Ukraine has recovered some important areas But the steps to recover it are not easy. Because the Russian army has installed several layers of defensive lines, such as the use of dragon teeth. digging ditches Including laying mines along the way to Ukraine to move troops Yesterday, August 28, the news agency CNN (CNN) published an interview with Ukrainian soldiers who are participating in counterattack operations in Zaporizhia. Many now believe that this may be the main point in launching a counter-attack against Ukraine in the hope of isolating the Crimean peninsula. Olexander Solongo, a Ukrainian soldier who specializes in communication, said in his memoirs that there are two main problems that slow down Ukraine’s counterattack operations: topography. and a trap set by the Russians for landscape The Ukrainian soldier described the battlefield as a plain. Regardless of which Ukrainian troops move Enemies will be able to see their movements from a distance and launch their attacks at any time. The trap factor Solongo said that Russian defenses are very complex with trenches, tunnels, automatic grenade launchers, machine guns, anti-tank rockets. But the most important obstacles are mines and tank traps. The bombs placed in the battlefield area are important Factors that caused delays in the movement of troops Because Ukraine had to get rid of these bombs first. Which has a variety of forms, from bombs buried in the ground. to the line-type bombs and so far the way The army is still unable to assess where the Russians planted their bombs. and how many bombs were placed on the path that Ukraine would advance towards Tokhmak and Mariupol? Meanwhile, on Sunday, the Ukrainian 36th Marine Infantry Division released video footage of it working to destroy a Russian-made land mine in an open field in the city of Hulaipolia. Zaporizhia Information from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. note that Ukraine is the country with the highest number of civilian casualties in the world. Last April The agency estimates that out of Ukraine’s total area of ​​603,628 square kilometers in 11 regions, that is 174,000 square kilometers. Or about 29 percent in all areas with land mines. among all the bombs There are two types of burial. Tripwire type bombs or wire type bombs. anti-tank bomb and new types of bombs used for the first time Many parties are of the opinion that the process of disseminating images of the disposal of the bomb came out in this way. It is one of the means of communication of the Ukrainian military commanders. Explain why the counterattack against Russia is slower than previously estimated by many sides. As well as fighting and bombing efforts in Zaporizhia. Recently, the battle in Kherson has made some progress as well. After the Ukrainian authorities reported that they were able to destroy Russian weapons. The military service in southern Ukraine has claimed for the first time that the Haimars missile could destroy the Russian Predel-E (Predel-E) coastal radar station in the Kherson region. Foreign media said that Information about the Pridel-A radar station is limited. Because it is one of the modern weapons of the Russian Navy. The system cost up to 200 million US dollars or about 6,800 million baht. But open source data suggests that Predel-A is a radar over the horizon. Compatible with the Bastian anti-ship missile system, the Predel-A can also be used to detect targets on the ground and in the air at a range of at least 400 km. The attack on Zaporizhia and Russia’s key radar system in Kherson was seen by many as a clear sign from Ukraine that the southern region was a key target in the campaign to regain territory from Russia. This includes the Crimean peninsula. However, the Ukrainian leader has recently expressed an honest opinion about the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Russia nine years ago. Volodymyr Zelensky the President of Ukraine gave a special interview with Channel One Plus One which is the Ukrainian media by addressing many issues in the said interview One issue that many parties are interested in is Reclaiming the Crimean Peninsula from Russia The leader of the Ukraine that he personally did not want to recover Crimea from Russia by military force. because it will cause huge losses In addition to the issue of the Crimean peninsula, the Ukrainian leader also spoke about the future of the ongoing war. Ukrainian leader said Ukraine wants security guarantees from the United States. the same as the United States gave to Israel This will include weapons, financial and technological support. At the same time, President Selensky frankly admitted that If this war is not over, Ukraine may have to live in the middle of this war. The Ukrainian leader concluded at the end of the interview that He wanted to see the war end and it had to be an end that would not lead to another war in the future. but to have lasting peace Ukraine will need a good military and security infrastructure so that the country can stand on its own. One of the methods of stability that Ukraine is currently working on is investments in weapons and security Recently, NEXTA news agency reported today that the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Reveal images of new robots that will be used on the battlefield. These robots will be used to transport weapons, medicine, and even to kill Russian soldiers and save Ukrainian lives.

Rewrite text The investigative committee of the Russian government reported on Sunday that the founder of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prikoshin He died of a real plane crash Recently, foreign media expected to bury a billionaire. President Putin’s former secret will be held today. In front of the Serafimovskoye cemetery in St. western Russia It […]

The Kremlin rejects the blame for the accident in which Prigozhin died

“Now of course there is a lot of speculation regarding the plane crash and the tragic death of the passengers, including Yevgeny Prigozhin. Of course, in the West, these speculations are presented from a certain angle and it is a complete lie,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. When asked by the AP agency whether […]

The Wagner family is leaving Belarus en masse because of low salaries!

More than a thousand mercenaries from Wagner’s group left Belarus because they were not satisfied with their pay. The Kyiv Independent website reports about it with reference to the Ukrainian National Center of Resistance. Sources from Belarus told the aforementioned center that the number of Wagnerites in the country has dropped by about a quarter […]