Floods and storms in the Balkans – news

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail As they write, some countries will maintain a prolonged winter pattern, while others will have to deal with potentially dangerous weather events later in the spring. Temperatures across the UK are expected to move closer to historical averages by the end of April, but AccuWeather forecasters say this transition may […]

Today’s weather! Throughout Thailand, the weather is hot, up to 40 degrees.

Today’s weather forecast from the Meteorological Department Throughout Thailand, the weather is hot, with a maximum of 40 degrees and heavy rain in the north-northeast-central areas, warning people to deal with strong winds and hail. The Meteorological Department predicts the weather forecast for the next 24 hours. The low pressure heat covers the top of […]

It will be hotter tomorrow!Cloudy to sunny on Tuesday, sporadic rain in the east, large temperature difference between day and night in the central and southern regions – Life – Liberty Times Newsletter

On Tuesday (21st), the high temperature in various places will be higher than today, and the whole Taiwan will be cloudy to sunny, with only sporadic short-term showers in the eastern half. (file photo) 2023/03/20 23:08 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]On Tuesday (21st), it was warm and hot everywhere. The high temperature in the northeast was about […]

Today’s weather! warming up across the country But there may be thunderstorms in some places: PPTVHD36

Meteorological Department Today’s Weather North, Northeast, Central, including Bangkok, temperature rises Hot and foggy during the day. some thunderstorms possible Meteorological Department Daily weather report on March 18, 2023, the weather forecast for the next 24 hours in the North, Northeast, Central, including Bangkok and the surrounding area and the eastern region has higher temperatures […]