Raids for anti-Semitic crimes in Bavaria

Since the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, anti-Semitism has also become increasingly widespread in this country. Authorities have now launched coordinated raids against the spread of hatred of Jews. The suspects are said to have celebrated Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel and spread hatred of Jews: Bavarian law enforcement authorities carried out raids in ten […]

Merz wants to have “double oomph” legally examined

The next financial problem could come at the traffic lights: The CDU wants to have the economic stabilization fund legally audited. Following the Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling on the use of Corona aid, the economic stabilization fund announced as “double oomph” should also come under scrutiny. Union parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz is having the […]

WhatsApp Introduces Group Calls with Up to 31 People

WhatsApp Introduces New Feature: Group Calls Now Include Up to 31 People As reported by mobile media Phone Arena on the 31st (local time), WhatsApp personal messenger has launched an exciting update that allows users to engage in group calls with up to 31 individuals. This latest feature is currently available for iPhone users who […]

WhatsApp Ends Support for Old Mobile Phone Systems: Over 20 Models Affected

WhatsApp Discontinues Support for Older Mobile Phone Systems WhatsApp, the widely popular instant messaging software in Hong Kong, has announced that it will no longer support certain operating systems. As part of their regular review and updating process, WhatsApp is leaving behind older models of smartphones. This means that if you are still using one […]

Battle of Avdiivka – Putin is threatened with a second Bakhmut

The Ukrainian city of Avdiivka is currently the scene of violent Russian attacks. Fighting is also raging elsewhere along the front. An expert assesses the situation. The most important things at a glance Ukraine is coming under pressure in the east. The town of Avdiivka, just outside Donetsk, has been hotly contested for weeks. Russia […]

Ex-general saves his son and becomes a hero

Former Major General Noam Tibon is celebrated as a hero in Israel. In the interview he explains how he saved his son and his family, why Prime Minister Netanyahu is heavily to blame and what he expects from the ground offensive. Noam Tibon sits on his balcony in Tel Aviv and battles mosquitoes and a […]

Father desperately looks for son: “Something profoundly evil is at work”

After Hamas’ terrorist attacks, an Israeli father desperately searches for his son. He prefers to trust Austrian and German authorities. By Daniel Mützel, Israel Gilad Korngold stands in his kitchen-living room and raises his arms in the air. “This is the first good news in days!” The father of the family has just received a […]

Mohanlal and Mammootty Launch WhatsApp Channel to Connect with Fans

Mohanlal and Mammootty have recently embarked on a novel initiative by launching a dedicated WhatsApp channel to directly connect with their fans. These highly revered actors wasted no time in sharing the news, promising to provide exclusive updates on their upcoming movies through this medium. The response to their initial announcement has been overwhelming, clearly […]

Beware of the Latest WhatsApp Scam: Fake US Employers Targeting Users

WhatsApp Scam Alert: Beware of Fraudsters Posing as US Employers Recent reports have brought to light a concerning WhatsApp scam involving deceptive individuals impersonating American employers. With an alarming rise in the use of counterfeit US phone numbers, fraudsters have been relentlessly targeting unsuspecting victims with elaborate schemes. These scammers adeptly assume the identities of […]