ASUS’ first handheld game console “ROG Ally” is about to launch globally!Foreign media reveal the price range – Free Electronic News Technology 3C

ASUS’ first handheld game console “ROG Ally”. (Photo taken from ASUS ROG official Twitter) In addition to releasing this year’s new generation of e-sports flagship ROG Phone 7 series dual machines, ASUS recently released the first handheld game console “ROG Ally” on the official Twitter earlier.ASUS ROG Official TwitterOnce again it brought the latest notification […]

Update soon! Windows critical vulnerability CISA warning: hacker groups have begun to attack enterprises | Computer | Windows | Weaknesses | CISA | Hackers | Microsoft | Security Updates | Jet Lag Vulnerability | Antivirus Software | Kaspersky | KasperskyCISA

[Llais Gobaith Ebrill 13, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Xie Bohu) Is the computer you are using now a Windows system? If so, you need to update it soon, or your computer may be hacked! According to a report by “SETN” on the 13th, in the security updates released by Microsoft in April, as many […]

The Steam platform will stop supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8 from 2024

Valve announced today that starting from January 1, 2024, its Steam platform will officially stop supporting Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. Valve noted that the Steam client program will not work on these versions of the Windows operating system after January 1, 2024. To continue using the Steam client program and […]

AI / Language Server Support, Further Speed, and Improved Robustness ~The evolution of “EmEditor” will never stop![Prosiect Arbennig/Dwys]-Mado no Mori

「EmEditor」 Among the text editors that are indispensable tools for users familiar with personal computers, “EmEditor” is one of the software supported by many users for its speed and wealth of functions. There are many regular users in the “Mado no Mori” editorial section. Yutaka Emura of Esoft, the developer of EmEditor, is one of […]