The Ukrainian offensive could fizzle out

Good morning, dear reader, it was long ago, it was far away: The war had already lasted a year and a half, and things were looking bad for the Chinese troops, who fought back against the Japanese invaders. With a few exceptions, the war had gone in only one direction, and for China’s soldiers, that […]

These are Putin’s options for nuclear war

Russia’s dictator repeatedly threatens the West and Ukraine with a nuclear strike. International experts assess what to make of it. No, Vladimir Putin certainly did not skimp on the nuclear option. Whenever the west of the Ukraine he and his troops attacked jumped aside, the Russian dictator drew the nuclear card. And that has been […]

Moscow boasts of Leopard tanks and is ridiculed

read video transcript Russia’s Ministry of Defense has received a lot of ridicule for an alleged success story. According to the Kremlin, Russian troops are said to have destroyed eight Leopard 2 main battle tanks in Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense also presented an alleged video evidence. Pro-Russian military bloggers then said the video only […]

Putin opens the door to Germany

Defense Minister Pistorius wants to close arms deals with India. With this, Germany and the USA want to exploit a weakness of Vladimir Putin. But the shot could backfire. Yoga can build bridges, especially in India. The Indian government sees the traditional mental and physical exercises as a valuable cultural export. In the past, Prime […]

Dam blown – Massive flooding is now threatening here

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam in the Kherson region could have devastating consequences. Animations show where thousands of people are now threatened. According to both warring parties, the adjacent hydroelectric power station was destroyed in the severe explosion at the Nowa Kachowka dam in southern Ukraine. The dam itself, which is close to the […]

Dam blown up in Kherson: “Clearly a war crime”

Reactions to dam explosion “Russian terrorism has just reached a new level” Updated on 6/6/2023 – 4:15 p.mReading time: 4 min. Animations show where the water masses could spread in the coming hours. (What: t-online) The alleged attack on the dam in Cherson has drawn international criticism. This applies in particular to the Russian aggressor. […]

Is Russia now blowing up the power plant near Cherson?

Warning of “Disaster” Is Russia now blowing up the dam near Cherson? Updated on 6/6/2023 – 2:23 p.mReading time: 4 min. Here is the dam near Cherson: is Russia blowing it off the map? (What: t-online) Russia is coming under massive pressure at Cherson – and is sending out a worrying warning. Ukraine fears a […]

Ukraine war – dam in Kherson broken: “Putin’s panic reaction”

The collapsed Kakhovka Dam will flood villages and towns in Ukraine in a few hours. But that probably won’t stop the major Ukrainian offensive. It is an escalation with potentially catastrophic consequences: the Nova Kakhovka dam in the southern Ukrainian Oblast of Cherson ruptured. Drone footage Tuesday showed water rushing through what remains of the […]

Russians comment on the war in Ukraine in letters to the editor

Propaganda rules Russian society. A critical Russian medium has now published letters from young Russians – with astonishing results. In the West, Russian propaganda has become apathetic. But in Russia itself, the means of manipulation still seem to work: In the evenings, lies are spread on state-financed talk shows and enemy images are stoked – […]

Russia is destroying its most valuable treasure – and with it its future?

Russia plunders its natural treasures. Not out of ignorance, but with calculation. Because that’s how the ruble rolls into the coffers of the Kremlin. One resource will become particularly valuable in the future. Says Vladimir Kaminer. Last May, Greenpeace was declared an “undesirable organization” in Russia, and its activities in the Russian Federation were banned. […]