China forcibly separates Uighur children from their families

Chinese President Xi Jinping is apparently pushing ahead with his assimilation policy against the Muslim Uyghur minority. Experts warn of human rights violations. In China, the government in Beijing is taking increasingly systematic action against the Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang region – and apparently not stopping at children. As UN human rights activists reported […]

China’s Foreign Minister Addresses Speculation on President Xi’s Attendance at November Meeting

Chinese Foreign Minister Talks about President Xi’s Attendance at November Meeting Mr. Wang Yi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, recently addressed reporters’ questions in a press conference held in Beijing regarding President Xi’s potential attendance at the upcoming November meeting. According to Bloomberg News, Minister Wang stated that relevant discussions are ongoing with […]

China and Syria want to enter into a strategic partnership

Syrian President Assad visited China for the first time in 20 years. He met Xi Jinping – they both deepened their relationship. China and Syria want to build a strategic partnership. The deepened relationship between the two countries will be an important milestone in their history, said Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, according to […]

The Growing Relationship Between North Korea and Russia: Implications and Risks

Diplomatic Theory: The Alliance Dilemma, Risk of Exit, and Participation As our allies increase, our enemies become my enemies. The recent summit between North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un and Russian President Putin highlights the growing relationship between North Korea and Russia. This closeness comes at a time when tensions around the Korean Peninsula are escalating, […]

The Wave of Purges: Corruption and Disappearances in the Chinese Government

The disappearance of Li Changfu, the former leader of the Chinese army, has sparked discussions and speculation. He was later charged with corruption and removed from office, but his case is just one example in a series of purges in the Chinese government under Xi Jinping’s claim to fight corruption. However, due to the lack […]

Why China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gangs disappeared – Spicy reason

He was considered one of the most important men in the CPC. Now the mystery of Qin Gang’s sudden disappearance could be solved. The reason is spicy. Qin Gang was considered influential and extremely power-conscious. The diplomat was one of the most important figures within the Chinese Communist Party and one of the confidants of […]