An ‘off-the-cover’ numbing, highly neurotoxic tau modulator

Jingun Bay Dr The human brain has 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) and 100 trillion synapses. Neurotransmitters pass from neuron to neuron. Unlike other somatic cells, many branches (axons and dendrites) extend and connect with each other in nerve cells, and there are thousands or tens of thousands of branches in one nerve cell. The […]

“Ja” gives a lot of money to parents as a New Year’s gift.

The ultimate filial son! for the singer with a good voice “Cha Nongpanee Mahadthai” on New Year’s Day The person has given a lot of money to father and mother and no matter what she does, she always thinks about her family. and never forget the hometown and his own homeland.. Photo by IG jaja_nongpanee […]

Chang Lin was absent and Monroe scored 26+15 and played the best game since joining the CBA but regretted losing._Shanxi Men’s Basketball_Inside_Guangsha

Original title: Chang Lin was absent and Monroe scored 26+15 and played the best game in the CBA but regretted losing Data map source: Xinhua News Agency In the match between Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team and Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team tonight, the main forward Chang Lin was absent for some reason. Without the “domestic Green” […]

‘Give me two pieces of dung’; Ahana replied the abuser

Actress Ahana Krishna responded to the abuser on social media. Ahana says that such commenters who do it to get attention are usually blocked, but it is important to make someone like you famous for abusing others. The actress’ response was revealed along with the name of the person who made the comment. A nasty […]

A 36-year-old single woman and her brother’s family of 4 live with her sister-in-law and promise 1 sentence… Net tears praise Sansheng fortunately | International | QUANTITY

A 36-year-old single woman lives with her brother’s family. (Photo / flip from Miaowen’s video) Usually, after getting married and having a family, you rarely live with your family. However, there is a woman in Guangdong, China, who is still single at the age of 36 and has no partner. She lives with her brother […]

Live up to 150 years! Examine “human life expectancy”, the longer you live.

Humans are a large group of social animals. Therefore, the birth-aging-death of a person’s illness is not a single issue. But it became an issue for most people inevitably. in the middle of last year the BBC News website has published research from the biotechnology company “Gero” (Gero) thatHumans have a statistical lifespan of more […]

Japan is investing $43 billion to intervene in the Yen

Japan’s Finance Ministry said on Monday that the Japanese government intervened several times in the yen in October. And it spent 6.35 trillion yen, or 43 billion dollars, to support the continued fall of the Yen. Kyodo News Agency reported, citing an inside source. The Japanese government has secretly intervened in the Yen to support […]