Lakhs dissolved online; YouTuber arrested | Karthick Gopinath

Chennai: Gopinath arrested by YouTuber Karthik for extorting lakhs of rupees from people for temple construction. The action is for collecting without permission. YouTuber has demanded money for the renovation of temples owned by the Tamil Nadu government. The investigation found that about Rs 6 lakh had been deposited in Karthik’s personal bank account. Karthik […]

Another connection to Mehnaz in Dubai ?; Riffa with eyes closed; Family showing video | rifa mehnu | vlogger | suicide | dubai | youtuber | manoramanews | re postumartem | Kerala News | News from Kerala

There are many mysteries surrounding the death of Rifa Mehnu. Police are raising the question of who was forced to bring the body without post-mortem and bury it quickly. It is not too late to unravel the mystery. And to get justice for Rifai. The police move is to gather all the evidence and put […]