Will we reduce the ‘China risk’… “Apple, 25% of iPhone production in India”

source = shutterstock Apple plans to produce 25% of all iPhone production in India. According to CNBC, India’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, said on the 23rd (local time) that “Apple plans to produce 25% of iPhones in India.” If I’m not mistaken, they (Apple) are looking at increasing production to 25% of […]

Heavy fog in China, 200 cars collide, 1 dead

aerial photography revealed a number of private cars, vans and trucks colliding with others, clustered together. In the lane on one side of the highway, on the bridgeyellow river cityZhengzhou countryChina The local media reported that such an accident occurred due to low visibility ofthick fog And found 1 death, and many injuries trapped in […]

More than 20,000 workers at the new ‘iPhone factory’ in Zhengzhou are packing their belongings back home. After the company agreed to pay ‘50,000’ to resign

More than 20,000 new workers at Foxconn’s iPhone factory in Zhengzhou have flocked home after the Taiwanese company paid the iPhone maker 10,000 yuan ($1,000). New employees voluntarily resign following violent protests Sources at Foxconn told Reuters on Wednesday (Nov. 25) that the layoffs of these new workers could hurt the company’s plans to restore […]

Foxconn, an iPhone manufacturer in Zhengzhou, agreed to pay “50,000 baht” to new employees to resign immediately. after violent protests

Agencies – Yesterday(23 Nov) Apple’s iPhone production base Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou Foxconn announced it would pay 10,000 yuan ($1,400) to new workers to immediately resign and leave the factory to go home in an effort to bring violent protests to after breaking Foxconn’s bonus promises prevented workers from doing so. Fortune reported today (Nov. […]

Suddenly found conscience? No one dares to report on the Foxconn incident in Zhengzhou: the media should not be like this! | China | Newtalk news

Many Foxconn workers in Zhengzhou walked home with their bags.Figure: Taken from Weibo The outbreak of new crown pneumonia in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province has recently hit the Foxconn Hon Hai Group factory. According to news from the Internet, Foxconn has recently experienced cluster infections. Due to the fear of lockdown and infection, there was […]