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China’s ‘war diplomacy’ faces conundrum… Canada expels Chinese diplomats


China’s tough and aggressive diplomatic strategy is facing heat everywhere.

After the Chinese ambassador to France questioned the sovereignty of the countries of the former Soviet Union, angering European countries, a Chinese diplomat was recently expelled from Canada due to controversy over the surveillance of politicians.

This is reporter Lee Jun-sam.


This is a film called ‘War of the War 2’, which was released in 2017 and attracted attention in Chinese theatres.

It is a patriotic film depicting the activities of a former member of the special forces, and in international diplomacy, China’s harsh words and actions are often referred to as ‘war diplomacy’ by comparing it to this work.

China’s diplomatic strategy, which puts its mighty economic and military power to the fore, is once again causing friction in many places.

Recently, Canada and China have gone head to head.

Allegations have been raised that a Chinese diplomat in Toronto investigated a Canadian politician who had raised human rights issues in China’s Xinjiang region.

“We definitely need to behave in a thoughtful way because this is an issue that affects all of us and our democracy.”

When Canada decided to expel the diplomat, China also fired back by expelling the Canadian diplomat, protesting that he had “fulfilled his normal duties.”

Last month, the Chinese ambassador’s comments to France that “the countries of the former Soviet Union do not have valid status under international law” shook European countries.

When the European Union warned that it could reset relations with China, China belatedly evolved, claiming that it respected the sovereignty of the countries of the former Soviet Union.

“China has respected the status of these countries as sovereign states since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.”

China has emerged as the so-called ‘G2’ and opened the prelude to the global competition for hegemony.

As global influence grows, it seems that the voice of criticism that we need to refine from broad and blunt diplomacy will increase.

This is Lee Jun-sam from Yonhap News.

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