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Biden visits Texas disaster site Gun control challenges despite tragedy


US President Joe Biden visited the scene of the Texas elementary school shooting and offered condolences to the bereaved families.

The ongoing tragedy has rekindled the discussion of gun control, but progress seems unlikely this time as well.

This is Correspondent Lee Kyung-hee in Washington DC.


US President Joe Biden visits a Texas elementary school where 21 people, including children, were killed in the shooting of a teenage boy.

I met with the bereaved families to share their sorrows and attended a memorial mass.

President Biden’s visit to the shooting site was the second in this month, and on the 17th, he visited the scene of the supermarket disaster in Buffalo, New York.

Citizens have called on President Biden to take action to prevent such a catastrophe.

“(Do anything! Do anything!)//I will. I will.”

President Biden has been putting pressure on Congress, emphasizing tighter gun controls at every recurring gun crime.

In particular, as the shock of this case is greater in that the majority of victims are elementary school students, movement has begun in the parliament as well, but the outlook is not bright.

A vote on a domestic anti-terrorism law was held in the Senate following the Buffalo massacre targeting blacks earlier, but it was not passed by Republican opposition.

The US media expects gun control legislation to follow a similar path, including expanding background checks for buyers and confiscating guns against dangerous persons.

That’s because the lobby, based on the financial power of the gun manufacturers represented by the National Firearms Association, has a huge influence on Republican lawmakers.

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Despite the Texas tragedy, the association held its annual general meeting to argue that gun ownership is a basic human right, and Republican magnates, including former President Donald Trump, attended and supported the association.

“Even if all decent and honest Americans give up their guns, criminals will never give up. They will cause unprecedented havoc in this country.”

The fact that even Republican lawmakers who are likely to participate in the reform cannot ignore the strong supporters ahead of the midterm elections in November is also cited as a stumbling block.

This is Yonhap News TV, Lee Kyung-hee from Washington.

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